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Health and remedies. Medical Astrology

5 Hour Webinar with Viktor       


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I have been receiving more and more questions in regards to well-being. I believe well-being starts within ourselves and our thoughts are just as powerful as our bones.
Traditional Medical Astrology can help you discover why you are inclined to get sick, however it does not replace the need to visit your GP!

In this 5 hour webinar you will learn about:
-how to determine health issues in your natal chart
-each element and their health issues
-each body part correlated to each planet
-why is Moon so important in medical astrology
-how to tackle these health issues with the help of the planets
-what we eat is who we are = how to lose weight with the planets
-what does each illness mean psychologically?
-how to see when you might get sick

Health and remedies. Medical Astrology


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