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Countries and Nations in Astrology with Nikola Stojanovic
Duration: 3 hour duration

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Have you wondered if you were meant to live in a different country or if you will be more successful somewhere else in the world? Maybe your future spouse or big love is meant to be a foreigner. Your horoscope will contain all these answers, but more importantly which specific countries are fated and positive or negative for you. 
Nikola Stojanovic teaches the horoscopes of the different countries and nations in the world and how to recognize which countries are best for us and which to avoid! 
When Nikola looked at my horoscope 3 years ago, he predicted that my 2nd husband will be from USA the west coast, and that I will relocate to live there, which all came to pass. This webinar teaches the signs of the countries and how identify what area of our life these countries will impact, in a positive or negative way. 

You need to know some basic astrology to take this webinar: like the general meanings of houses, aspects, planets. 


Astrology of Countries and Nations


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