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The last time Chiron was in Aries (1969 – 1977) it hadn’t even been discovered.  That would take place later in 1977, when it would officially be recorded as a planetoid and take its place amongst the planetary pantheon.
Looking back at the last Chirotic cycle through the Ram we saw the end of the Vietnam War, where the US had to admit defeat for the first time and we became witnesses to wounded warriors, the scorned Vietnam vets, which were portrayed in cinema in films like “Coming Home” and “The Deer Hunter” both of which began their production cycle during Chiron in Aries.
The previous Chiron in Aries cycle also saw the rise of modern, first wave feminism thanks to Gloria Steinheim as the face of Feminism in America.  
The Stonewall Riot also took place in the early degrees of Chiron in Aries, when New York’s Gay community struck out against the NYPD and regressive laws against homosexuality.
We witnessed the rise of women and queer culture and the fall of the hero manifest as the American soldier.
What lies ahead for the return of Chiron in Aries?  Will it be men’s turn to reclaim a part of their collective and individual self?  Will we witness a rebirth of the men’s movement?  Will firearms and weapons come under even more scrutiny and legislative change?  Will we finally bring the men and now women home and end the legacy of the wounded warrior?
But more importantly, what impact will Chiron in Aries have on YOU?  Where did you allow your will to be usurped and how can you consciously reclaim it?  
Please join me, Robert Phoenix, as we explore the depths of Chiron and how it can and will change the planet and you over the next nine years.
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Chiron in Aries Predictions

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from: 2020-02-06 till: 2020-03-06

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