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Channeling course

with Emine

BIG PROMO Price: WAS $499, NOW IS ONLY $149!!!

Learn to access your sixth sense and channel messages like the Prophets, Gostics and Messengers of God.

With this course you can channel your higher self, angels, a relative who passed on, or have your own private conversations with God.

Learn to communicate with spirit in a safe way, and use your new super power to work as a professional channeler/medium or just to help you get spiritual guidance at will.

You will learn: 

  • How to Channel on demand, 
  • How Spirit communicates, 
  • How to interpret messages in a way that applies to your daily life, 
  • How to carry the responsibilities that come with this power, and 
  • How to find your own style of Channeling." 


- 30%

Channeling course

$213 $149.1

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from: 2021-08-03 till: 2021-08-03

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