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Black Moon Lilith in Astrology

Merging the dark with the light for greatness webinar with Western Astrologer Magic Mike

The energy of Black moon Lilith in your chart is a supernatural energy that you are born with, that you carry into this lifetime. The dark Goddess within that can empower you and allow you to live your life through channelling your dark and light, sexual and erotic, and can have the energy of Mars and Neptune. Lilith is about temptation, desire, deep intense yearning and rebellion, kundalini , seduction and psychic ability, even artistic ability. and we can harness it to express our feminine power. For the men, where Lilith is placed, is the type of women that tempt you and draw you in the most, where you can easily lose self control.

It is powerful, magical and magnetic, and similar to the High Priestess card in tarot.
Once we can tap into Lillith we can use this energy to manifest greatest desires. As with all vibrations, there are positive and negative and Magic Mike will lead you through how to handle both. 
What you will learn:
The role of Lilith in Astrology
The elemental properties of Lilith
The state of Lilith (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed )
Lilith through signs
Lilith through houses
Lilith conjunct and in aspects to planets
History of Lilith
How do we encompass and work with our Lilith
Celebrity examples with strong Lilith placements their charts
Lilith in love: Working or failing
Q and A

Lilith Webinar with Magic Mike


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