Best Predictive Techniques

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BEST Predictive Techniques 


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This is a 12 Hours Course on the best predictive techniques which I have seen produce most accurate and consistent results from over 15 years of working with clients. 

I have selected the most accurate and easy to master predictive techniques from Western Modern, Vedic, Babylonian, Hellenistic and Medieval Astrology, which I use personally on my clients!

Being an impatient Aries, I have honed my practice towards using very easy and fast techniques that can predict the future through, just a at a glance! I am no fan of complex and long calculations and procedures for evalulation of the horoscopes. 

Here you will learn my SECRET techniques in just 12 hours of INTENSE, INFORMATION packed, STEP by STEP training of what I use to forecast!

the First 9 Hours are recorded by a professional cameraman during my Astrology retreat in Bulgaria in the summer of 2019. You will be immersed in the spirit of camaraderie and love for astrology and knowledge, which was overpowering during the 3 day seminar! 

The last part of the course is recorded at home as a usual webinar format. 

This course is a culmination of my Astrology knowledge. NEVER Before have I PACKED all my BEST Techniques in one class!

You will learn:

The meanings of the houses, planets in predictive astrology

The meanings of each aspect

The meanings of the classical transits I use: Trine, Sextile, Conjunction, Opposition, Square

How to see the weakness and strength of a planet

How to interpret Transits like a pro! 

How to hone on the transit meaning and make an accurate prediction based on the house, sign, aspect and nature of the transiting and transited planet

The best 30 working rules for predicting with transits which I have noticed over the years

The most important transits to focus on


Profections + transits

Solar Returns

Solar Returns + profections,

Solar Returns + transits

Solar Return + natal chart

Progressions, the important ones to consider

Progressions + Natal chart

Dashas (Vedic Method)

Maturation ages of the planets


Basic knowledge of astrology necessary, like meanings of signs, houses etc. but I cover these quickly in the webinar too, so beginners will benefit from this course, as will professional astrologers who want to know the best tricks which work for me!

No refunds once the course has been delivered. 

Best Predictive Techniques - $399

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