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4 webinar series 

with Rumen Kolev

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1. Introduction to Babylonian Astrology



Origin of Astrology.

Introduction in Mesopotamia:

Historical Periods, Geography, Languages, Writing, Religion, Myths, Cosmology, Archeology. Sources and Texts.

Cylinder Seals.

The First, Second and Third Hermes. Their epochs and legacy. The legends and the facts.

The Basis of Astrology - the Second Law of Hermes.

The aim of the ancient astrologer. The ‘Secret of Sky and Earth’.

Sumerians and Babylonians.

Mesopotamian Astrology - the difference with all later astrologies.

The Sources. The Texts.

The Omina


The Divinities of Mesopotamia

The Divinities of Mesopotamia. How to recognize them in the reliefs, seals and statues.

The features of the Divinities - melammu, in pairs...

The seven gods and godesses who ‘decide the fates’ of everyone and everything.

The rest of the divinities.

The gods-protectors and the demons.

Ilu ameli and Ishtar ameli. The ‘personal gods and godesses’ (the gardian angels).

The numbers, symbols and beasts of the divinities.

The Cosmology


2. The Myths

WAS LIVE 5th August 2020, NOW IS RECORDED! 



The myths.

The Creation of the World. The Epochs. The Golden Epoch and the Dark Epoch.

The Creation Cycle.

The Creation of Man

Inanna in the Underworld

Ninurta and Anzu

Nergal and Marduk



The Calendar of Mesopotamia

The Four Types of Calendars: Solar, Lunar, Luni-Solar, Venusian.

Calendars in Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The Calendar of Mesopotamia in different eras.

The Heliacal Cycle of the Moon.

The Perfect Lunar Month.

The Invisibility Period.

When God sees God.

The Cult and Ritual.

The Divinities of the Lunar Months and Days.

Astral Magic and Lunar Astrology in Mesopotamia.


3. The Zodiacs of Mesopotamia

WAS Live 19th August 2020, NOW IS RECORDED


The Fixed Babylonian Zodiac.  

The dream of the king-priest Gudea (2100 BC) and its interpretation.

The Tropical Babylonian Zodiacs- The Ideal Year.

Mul Apin- the Stellar Heliacal Tropical Zodiac.

The Ascensional Babylonian Zodiac.

The divinities of the zodiac.

The divinities of the planets, stars and constellations.


Division of Time and Space

Division of the Time.

Division of the year, the month, the days and the watches.

The divinities of the time-divisions.

Divisions of the Zodiac.

The dodekatemoria texts.

What can we learn from the dodekatemoria text LBAT 1499. Analysis.

The terms (bounds).

Division of the Space.  

The 3 ‘celestial paths’ of Anu, Enlil and Ea. Declinational and azimuthal theories of the ‘paths’.

The 3 ‘paths’ and the solar cycle. The epic of Gilgamesh.

Planets and Countries under the Three Celestial Paths.

Importance in Astrology.



4. The Astro-Sophy of Mesopotamia

Was live 2nd September 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!



The pan-Babylonists.

The Philosophy and Astro-Sophy of Mesopotamia. Principles:

The Doctrine of the Cycle. The perfect cycle and its division.

The doctrine of the Eras.

The principles of the Philosophy of Mesopotamia applied to Astrology.

The Beginning of the Cycle.

Number, Name and Destiny.

Sky and Earth. Their Unity. 

The signs in the Sky and the signs in the Earth. Interpration of the signs.

The omen. Structure and meaning. Collections of omens.

Enuma Anu Enlil - The Bible of the Babylonian Astrologer.

The Planets in Babylonian Astrology

Their Names, Divinities, Numbers, Periods and Colors.

The Constellations of the Divinities.

The 4 coordinate systems of Mesopotamian Astrology:

- The fixed Babylonian Zodiac

- The luni-solar year

- The ideal year

- The 36 constellations of the Astrolabe.



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