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FOUNDATION OF THE MAGICAL ART with Krasi Attasio- Babylonian Astrologer
5 + Hours Webinar! 

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This webinar will present the ancient astral magic adapted for nowadays. 
Its aim is to make the astrological magic easy, applicable, affordable, and accessible, so that you can make a remedy for yourself and for others for repairing and improving some negative aspects of your life.
You will also learn how, with the means of magic, to protect yourself from the bad and the evil influences, and how to enhance and strengthen the good conditions that are a given in your natal chart in order to enrich, beautify and improve the quality of your life.
This short course is for both- beginners and for experienced astrologers. However, basic knowledge of astrology is required. The course will include handouts.
1. What are magic and its properties? The astral mag.
2. Astral magic in antiquity- ancient Babylon
3. The Moon- the real Moon phases, lunar mansions
4. The planetary day and planetary hour notions
5. Work with planets, fixed stars and constellations
6. Making a horary chart and and election for creating magical talismans- rules and system
1. Creating magical talismans. The powers of magical images:
Work with the seven planets
Work with the constellations,
Work with the fixed stars and the zodiacal signs
Rituals and the power of the words
Rituals and the power of the symbols
Rituals and the power of the music and the musical notes
A talisman for love and affection
A talisman for wealth
A talisman for good health
A talisman for protection
A talisman for good position in society and rank
Other types of talismans
2. Gemstones in astrology.
3. Creating magical jewelry talismans:
A magical jewelry for good health
A magical jewelry for love and affection
A magical jewelry for prosperity and wealth
A magical jewelry for protection
A magical jewelry for enhancment of mental capabilities, oratory skills, speach, and memory
I will share with you my knowledge of the fascinating white art of astrological magic. This is not a course on necromancy or any sort of black magic that can have harmful and devastating effects on others. The astrological mag needs to have high moral values and use the knowledge only for helping people and as a remedy. We are responsible for our deeds and, as nothing in the Universe remains invisible, both, the good and the bad come back to us as a boomerang, but triple!

Astrological Magic with Krasi


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