Astrology apprenticeship / Become a well paid astrologer

Courses for beginners and intermediates with Viktor

Dear friends,

Foundation astrology course:

Many of you have asked me to teach astrology on different levels in a mini group.

I have asked Viktor, who is an amazing teacher to hold classes for maximum 6 people in a group, where he can build on your confidence and help you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Astrology is the greatest tool to understand your behaviour and I truly believe it can change your life for the better.

This course is designed for complete newcomers to astrology as well as for those who would like to deepen their previous knowledge within a structured course.

The course consists of six 120 minutes of videos, where you can have as many questions as you wish.


In this module you will learn about:

- signs

- houses

- 7 visible planets

- polarity of the charts : elements, mode, polarity

- the Ascendant

- how to read all those together


Viktor will ONLY use your and your loved ones charts to make you have a better understanding over your chart.


You will get a lifetime recording with presentation emailed to you.


Once we have 6 people, Viktor will contact everyone to figure out the best possible time for everyone so that you can all attend the course live too.


You will need to have the followings:

- laptop

- webcam

- microphone 

- great internet access.

- Zoom


If you need a copy of your chart, Viktor will be able to provide that to you.

The course would start in August. Date to be confirmed once we have all 6 applicants details.


The course will include:

- lifetime access to 720minutes of astrology lectures

- presentation to each lectures

- homework

- continuous support from Viktor ( mini consultations on skype - 5-10min to answer your questions.

- exam in the end ( not compulsory)


Price: 389$ ( Price is a lot lower than any other foundation course in the market)


Module 2: 375$

- the 4 angles of the birth chart ( Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, IC

- concept of planetary rulership

- the inter-relationship between planets, aspect configurations and patterns

- Sun-Moon relationship in the phase of the Moon.


Module 3: 403$ 

- retrograde planets

- distribution of planets and unaspected planets in the chart

- stellium

- outer planets

- lunar nodes in the chart

- transits and how to make accurate predictions with them

- how to read all the information together.

If you wish to buy all 3 modules at the same time then you will receive 20% off. ( 933$ instead of 1167€)



Viktor joined my family 6 months ago and with his unique approach to astrology and teaching style he became one of the most loved astrologers.

I am

Happy to announce that he is doing an intermediate 3 months course for those who want to become an astrologer or just get to know themselves better.

To qualify for this course, you will have to have a good understanding of houses, planets, signs and aspects.


Module 1: 375$ 

Planetary cycles are the heart of astrology and in this module you will learn about how transits affect you as they trigger your natal potential. This module also includes how to interpret solar return chart with profection for a more accurate forecasting.


What will you receive:

- six 2 hours of lifetime recorded lectures

- notes and slides so that you can concentrate on the chart rather than make notes.

- special attention to your needs. 

- 20min consultation weekly to answer your questions

- there will be only maximum 6 people in the group and Viktor only will use your and your loved ones charts.

- certificate from Astrolada 


Once there are 6 people, Viktor will contact everyone individually to choose best possible time and day to get together.


Module 2: 375$

In this module you will learn about additional timing technique which was also used by ancient astrologers:

- solar arc direction

- secondary progression

- Venus return chart

- plenty of life examples and chance for you to practise what you have learnt.


If you buy both modules together then you will receive a 20% discount, so you will only pay 600$



Module 3: 599$ 


This module is designed for those who have a good understanding of a natal chart and are able to forcast comfortably.

You will work with your and your partner's chart.

This module is about 35 hours.


You will learn about:

- how to analyse the two natal charts separate and identify people's needs and desire.

- you will compare two charts for their romantic compatibility.

- composite chart

- davison chart

- how to choose a wedding date.

- lunar nodes

- difference between 5th and 7th house

- vertex/ antivertex

- part of marriag



- timing of marriage

- part of marriage

- zodiacal releasing

Here is a short description how to become a well paid astrologer:


Whoever finishes the course with me and Viktor will have the opportunity to take an exam in the end of each module and I am giving a life time opportunity for you to work with me if you are one of the best ones at the final exam.



How does the exam work?


- Viktor and I will have a topic given to you to walk us through 

- you will receive a random chart to make a 4-6 pages of analyses on the person and predicting some past events.


Should the best apprentice astrologer win and join my team.






ALL 3 MODULES for beginners - 20% off from 1167$, NOW 933$

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