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NEW All you need to know about Pluto

webinar with Viktor     


Are you feeling powerless? What are you afraid of? Do you know how to reclaim your strength?

After the success of Saturn Return webinar, people have asked Viktor to put a webinar together on the darkest planet of all: The Pluto

Even though Viktor does not use Pluto in rulership, we can not deny the fact that in today's world, Pluto is a very powerful planet.

It shows in our chart the ancestral taboos, the skeletons in the closet as well as why you developed fears.

BUT...he also carries the solution within himself as well. It will show indications in your chart how to reclaim your power.

Discover Pluto in your chart

- What it means to have Pluto in each houses

- What Pluto means in your chart

- What does it mean to have Pluto transiting the 4 angles and the luminaries

and as usual, many more.:)

Price: $49

Date: 23rd August 2020

Time: 6PM Budapest time (5PM London time or 7PM EEST, THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!)

- 30%

All you need to know about Pluto

$70 $49

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from: 2020-07-29 till: 2020-08-23

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