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All About Uranus. The Awakener.

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When you purchase this course you will receive a recording of the live webinar, but you can still email me if you have questions on the material (as long as they are not for personal questions), because you would have missed the live Q&A in the webinar. 

After the success of the All About Saturn Webinar, I was asked to make the same lectures for each outer planet, starting with Uranus! 

In this 6 hour long webinar we will cover:

-The Astronomy and Astrology of Uranus
-Uranus in World History Predictions
-Uranus in Houses in the Birth Chart
-Uranus in Aspects to Planets in the Birth Chart
-Predicting with Uranus: Uranus in transits, solar arcs, progressions. 
-Multiple life and celebrity examples

Rena about the webinar:
"I have been watching the video with Solar Fire up and running my natal chart with transits. Because I can compare my natal chart to the transits I can see when important things happened like when Uranus changed signs or Uranus transited my natal Saturn. This made what Lada was saying so much easier to see in the history of my life. I have to tell you I was amazed at the accuracy of Lada's interpretations! There is no longer any doubt in my mind about the predictive ability of astrology in general but also the high quality of Lada's information. This is my third purchase and I will continue to buy your wonderful products :) 

Thanks for all you do!"

All About Uranus


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