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For this webinar, a basic understanding of astrology is helpful but there is NO NEED to be a professional astrologer or to have prior knowledge of astrology.  We will build from the ground up and cover basic through advanced inconjunct interpretation techniques!

Join Western Astrologer Heather for an in-depth look at an important and highly influential aspect that is given little attention in astrology! This cutting-edge information is highly accurate and not readily available via the Internet or other sources. 
Heather is a Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon and Scorpio Rising with a whopping 7 inconjunct aspects in her birth chart! She holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and approaches astrology from both a practical and psychological vantage point. 
This webinar will last approximately 3-4 hours and will include the following:
1. Inconjunct Basics! What are Inconjunct/Quincunx aspects and how to locate them in the birth chart!
2. Yods (“Finger of God”) and boomerang Yod configurations in the chart. 
Bonus: Advanced Astrology—Inconjuncts and Yods involving the “singleton” in a bucket chart! 
3. Inconjunct planets: a deep look at each planet as part of an inconjunct— the influence on early childhood development, psychological and behavioral patterns in adulthood, and how to find the hidden gifts of the inconjunct so they become your greatest strengths!
4. Inconjuncts to the North & South Node, Ascendent, Descendent, Midheaven, IC and more!
5. Inconjunct aspects by sign and house: to give an important context and practical application to the underlying psychological patterns of the inconjunct.
6. Different combinations of inconjunct aspects along with REAL LIFE EXAMPLES of client and celebrity birth charts to help integrate this exciting new information so you can interpret inconjuncts like a PRO! 
7. Question & Answer!
8. BONUS MATERIAL! Inconjuncts by transit: a brief overview on how to interpret inconjuncts to the natal planets.

Inconjunct Aspects


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