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All About Saturn. Karma and Lessons.

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Astrolada presents an in-depth 6 hour webinar on Saturn. All you ever need to know about Saturn and its impact in the Birth Chart and Astrology. 
Saturn is the planet of Time, Destiny and Fate, it shows our Karma and biggest lessons in this life. Saturn delays and restricts, requires repetition and slow progress, but once we master it, we can heal the wound of Saturn and teach others. 
Saturn's transits unfold the fated script in our life step by step and Lada will reveal how you can read it in advance!
No other planets has such powerfully predictive influence as Saturn! Saturn's cycles best point to crucial life developments and pivotal moments. 

You will learn in this webinar:
-Saturn in Astrology and Astronomy
-Karma of Saturn
-Lessons of Saturn
-Mastering Saturn 
-Saturn in the Birth Chart 
-Saturn in the 12 Houses and Signs
-Saturn in Transits
-Timing with Saturn transits
-Dealing with Saturn transits and Remedies

What people have to say about the webinar: 


"I had to go to bed so missed the last couple of hours. It was so interesting. Lada, you are an amazing teacher, I don't know how you kept going! I can't wait to listen to the replay. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of purchasing it. I am learning so much with you. Thank you so much xxx"

"Thank you! I attended and it was brilliant! Well worth being slightly tired today for work!"

"I loved every minute of this course! Thank you Lada for sharing you knowledge!"

All About Saturn


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