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All About Neptune. Illusion vs Reality

Price 39.99

The webinar is Already Recorded! 

"That was another great course! After Lada explained the 3rd house I was just shaking my head, nobody explains it the way Lada does. The depth of knowledge and her ability to convey it puts Lada at the top of my list of astrologers. I will be taking the course on signs."

When you purchase this course you will receive a recording of the live webinar, but you can still email me if you have questions on the material (as long as they are not for personal questions), because you would have missed the live Q&A in the webinar. 

After the success of the All About Saturn and Uranus Webinar, we proceed with the most mystical of planets-Neptune!  

In this 6 hour and 31 minutes long webinar we cover:

-The Astronomy and Astrology of Neptune
-Neptune in World History Predictions
-Neptune in Houses in the Birth Chart
-Neptune in Aspects to Planets in the Birth Chart
-Predicting with Neptune: Neptune in transits, solar arcs, progressions. 
-Multiple life and celebrity examples
-Q&A (already recorded)

All About Neptune


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