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All about Moon, the Lunar Nodes and eclipses

Duration: 12 weeks

Start date: WAS 18th July 2020, NOW IS RECORDED!!!



All you need to know about the Moon and the Nodes of the Moon.

Moon has a special meaning in a chart and more and more of us forget about it. 

Moon phases will reveal a lot about the personality as well as the nodes, especially if we are interested in life lessons.

In this webinar, I will teach you a NEW PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUE with the Moon: Lunar Gestation as well as how to use eclipse and the Moon phases in astrology.


– Moon in houses and signs from a different aspect

– What did you learn from your parents? ( Moon and aspects)

– Moon phases and their meaning

– How to use eclipses in chart interpretation

– How to predict with eclipses

– Moon and health

– Moon out of bounds

– Black Moon Lilith

– Lunar Gestation Cycle – a new way of predicting with Moon

– Conjunctions, oppositions and squares to the Nodes of the Moon.

- Karmic lessons

- Parenting in the chart

All about Moon, the Lunar Nodes and eclipses


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