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CHIRON – the “Wounded healer”!
with Diana Bakalova – PhD psychologist and a certified astrologer 
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Chiron is one of the most recently discovered planetoids (in 1977) on its peculiar orbit between Saturn and Uranus. Astrologers call it the “wounded healer”. Its name stems from a mythological story of a Greek centaur who was a healer and teacher, but who could not heal himself. Chiron’s natal position by sign and house symbolizes our deepest psychological wounds that result in recurring life issues and need to be continuously remediated. 
N.B. To join this webinar you do not need any prior knowledge in astrology, psychology or mythology.
Astrologers, who would like to deepen their psychological knowledge and understanding for astrological purposes, are also welcomed!  
When you purchase this course you will receive a recording of the live webinar.
This webinar will be approx. 3 to 4 hours long and will cover the following: 
1. Understanding the symbology of Chiron:
- What is the mythological story of the “wounded healer” in a psychological perspective? 

2. The peculiar astronomic cycle of Chiron:
- How long is the cycle of Chiron and why is it peculiar? 
- How is the cycle of Chiron related to the human life cycle and experiences (e.g. life crises, karma and life lessons)? 

3. Chiron in the signs of the zodiac: 
- How long does Chiron “stay” in the different signs of the zodiac? 
- What does Chiron in the different signs symbolize?
- Is there any collective dimension of the psychological “wounds”?     

4. Chiron in the 12 houses in the natal chart: 
- What does Chiron in the 12 houses represent?
- The individual dimension of the psychological “wounds”: How to interpret the placement of Chiron by both house and sign in your natal chart?

5. Chiron in aspects to planets and points in the birth chart: 
- How to interpret the major aspects (e.g. conjunction, opposition, trine, etc.) of Chiron to planets (e.g. Sun, Venus, Mars, etc.)?  
- How to interpret the major aspects of Chiron to the Moon Nodes? 
- Does Chiron always mean “wounds”? 
- What is the alternative “romantic” interpretation of Chiron’s aspects to other planets?  

6. Predicting with Chiron: 
- What do we need to watch for when predicting with Chiron? 
- External events or psychological/spiritual crisis and growth? 
- What methods of prediction do we need to use? 

7. Questions and Answers

"Thanky our so much for your detailed information and your efforts. They are truly appreciated. 
And I was stunned by the whole world Chiron opens and very impressed by the knowledge you spread".
"Thank you so so much!
I never received such an information with Chiron like - that you can become in such an area an real expert – and – as far as I can judge it – this information is true.
So overall: Amazing insights for me."

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