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Abundance and vocational astrology 

webinar with Victor


The astrology of profession, success and abundance.


Most of the questions I receive as a professional astrologer is in regards to what job they should be doing in order for them to become happy and abundant in their lives.


When I was 18 and I had my very first reading and I was completely blown away by how accurate they were about my life up till then, but I was very sceptical about becoming an astrologer. I did not know about my talent. I needed someone to believe in me and let me know what I can be extremely good at.


18 years later, here I am and I will teach you how to choose the best vocation for yourself. 


In this 6-7 hour webinar you will learn:


- how to see what your life purpose is

- planetary combination of wealth ( there are at least 15 and all indicates different field)

- how easy it is for you to attract success

- planets and their job related meaning

- what houses indicate success and profession


- Are you meant to be working for orhers or for yourself?

- Why Ascendant is a crutial point in your chart when choosing a career

- mastering the Midheaven

- what vocational meaning does each house have?

- timing of career change with 4-5 different timing techniques

- how to determine what type of business to open

- what gives you abundance / how to attract money through your personal chart


This course is designed for low intermediate to advanced students. 

Viktor will teach you step by step from a low intermediate to advanced level to see different indications of what career to offer or choose from.


You have 2 options when purchasing the webinar

only Webinar PRICE $125


- Webinar + personal skype / zoom reading ( 15-20min) : $161

(recorded is not availabile to be able to taylor the best possible career for you)



Consultation will take place after the webinar and appointment need to be booked in by email after the purchase of the webinar.

Viktor will email you within 48 hours of purchase to book your appointment.



'' I'd like to share how much I'm loving this webinar. I've been watching it via playback as it suits my busy schedule and I am floored by the amount of information, knowledge, and wisdom that Viktor shares in this course. I have pages and pages of notes (on top of all of the slides provided) and while the info provided is comprehensive, with a basic understanding of astrology (the planets, houses, signs, rulers), anyone can understand the methods Viktor details so thoroughly. I'm only halfway through the course and I have already been able to read a lot in my chart and my hubby, kiddo, sister. On top of that, I took advantage of the amazing offer to Zoom with Viktor and have him look at my chart for a reading and that was, as expected, super comprehensive but very simple and easy to comprehend. He gave practical references that I can run with in real life and, again, a lot of notes to further study my chart. 

I wanted to share this review for anyone who is on the fence about taking this course. The info you'll learn will end up being worth much more to you than the tuition you pay!

Thanks again. ''

Jessica Nightingale



Abundance and vocational astrology


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Webinar + personal Skype / Zoom reading (15-20min)


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