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2022 Astrology E-Calendar. 114 pages!


Astrology calendar 2022


2022 astrology calendar

Electronic Interactive PDF downloadable Astrology Calendar for 2022. 114 Page Yearly transit Calendar + Helical rising times

NOW INTERACTIVE! Click on the calendar day and read the meaning of the transits! 

Descriptions of every planetary ingress into a sign, important planetary transits, Full and New Moons, Solar Eclipses, visibility and invisibility of planets, to guide you through the year! You cannot find this anywhere else!

Know when the IMPORTANT planets are INVISIBLE and when Visible and the meaning. 

Retrograde and Direct motion of the planets and the meanings

The DO's and DO NOTS! Daily Astrology tips on what to avoid and what to pursue in order to achieve the most efficient and effective results!

PLANETARY PHASES - Notified when the energy of a planet will strongly influence this time frame. 

POSITIVE VS NEGATIVE days for activities , making plans, asking for favors or promotions, and when the stars are working for and against you!

The heliacal cycles are an ancient method for astrological analysis. When a planet is visible, you can manifest anything this planet rules, when it is invisible it only plays out internally.


"I purchased your 2017 and 2018 calendar system and WOW!!! You have done a great job with explaining and structuring the calendar. I am most pleased with the detail explanations you present in analyzing the days of the week along with the moon phases in relation to the zodiac sign for that day.. Im looking forward to 2018 calendar system as well. Thank you." 


"Thank you for the Heliacal Rising dates! I was not expecting an 120-pages Astrology Calendar and Guidebook for 2018 that includes all major aspects for the year. I particularly love that for tough aspects you provide suggestions how to use them in a positive way.  This is so helpful and super detailed.  Now I can plan my year ahead! Thank you! I do not regret spending the money" 

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2022 Astrology eCalendar

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from: 2022-01-11 till: 2022-01-17

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