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NEW 100 Most Important Fixed Stars

14 hours 3-day Webinar with Trifon Nikolov

WAS LIVE on Zoom: 10th, 11th and 17th June 2023

NOW IS RECORDED and available to watch! 


Never before revealed information on the 100 fixed stars as per the ancient astrology texts!

Trifon is an avid student and researcher of ancient astrology, recently translated Hermetic astrology texts, are just one of the sources which Trifon uses for the meanings of the stars! He has adapted the meanings to respond to modern times and has expanded their meanings through more than 20 years of personal observations of real life cases and Horoscopes.

You will not find this information on any other astrology course!

 Did you know that there is star which can indicate that someone is an incurable flirt, always having hordes of suitors! 

Or a star which shows that one might work with animals? Or be called towards a music career!

Stars of addictions, occult powers, leadership, science and much much more!

The 100 fixed stars course (with hundred real example charts) 

1. About the fixed zodiac of the ancients

2. Nature of the stars and their color

3. Power places of the stars

4. Ways to use the fixed stars in a chart

5. Sources – 3 ancient manuscripts about the stars

6. the 100 stars and their meanings with 100 example charts.


100 Most Important Fixed Stars Webinar


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