5 Day Retreat for Goddesses

5 Day Retreat for Goddesses with Natalia and Astrolada 

5 Day Retreat for Goddesses

July 2019
17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st


8:30 am till 6:30 pm
(breaks from 1pm till 2:30pm)


the first day on 17th from 2pm


A Very EXCLUSIVE VIP RETREAT 5 Day Goddess Retreat  LIMITED number Only! Your life will never be the same after... Intense workshop focused on developing your FEMININITY so you can start receiving everything in life with EASE! Natalia and Lada work individually with each of you using modern scientific and psychological techniques and ancient occult knowledge. We will be working 10 HOURS per day! There will be tears and laughter, screaming and hugs.... It is TRULY INTENSE but meant to CHANGE your LIFE and POWER of ATTRACTION! It is a very intense Retreat for fast and DRAMATIC results. Reprogramming, NLP, releasing harmful believes, horoscope analysis and remedies, identifying your personal blockage and removing them, building feminine power.... https://www.astrolada.com/courses/5-day-retreat-for-goddess.html


20 to 30 Goddesses in the making, max!
Place: Pirin Golf, Bulgaria 


Hotel: http://www.piringolfhotel.com/indexen.php


Price: $3999


With Natalia Kobilkina and Astrolada





The price includes:

-5 days intensive workshops and lectures
-5 star hotel stay
-breakfast, lunch and dinner
-using of the spa and fitness
-an excursion to some sacred places in Bulgaria
-a bus from Sofia airport to the hotel. If you cannot join the bus we can arrange for you a taxi

The price does not include plane tickets!!! 


A woman can become a princess, a love priestess, a muse. A woman who inspires men to change history, a Goddess….

What stops you from becoming this woman?

How to open and grow your feminine power and use to manifest what you want. 

How to clean the traumas from our childhood so we can become truly happy women, Goddesses

For the first time science, psychology and astrology meet to create an alchemical INITIATION into FEMININITY. 

We will work with the body, mind, soul and the ego! 

This is an invitation to look deep within and create a deep bond with your inner self, with your ancestors, with the wisdom of your body and your soul. 
We often have to struggle and problems in life and we might feel like we are in a trap, like we have no choice to change anything. This way we drift further and further away from our TRUE SELF, from our connection to JOY and HAPPINESS. A woman can only be truly happy when she is in touch with her feminine energy. 


Natalia will use powerful and fast acting techniques from
Family constellations
Deep relaxation
Energy practices for women 
Tantric exercises 
Dynamic meditation 
Merging with the elements 

The 4 archetypes and how to develop them: The Girl, the Lover, the Queen, the Housewife

She will work closely with everyone and read your energy field for blockages. 

Your life will change in 5 days. You will recognize your survival strategies and reprogram your mind with heathier such, which will help you transform the situations which you feel stuck in and return to your natural state of Joy and Flow. 


Astrolada will teach:

-if you are more masculine or feminine by nature. More masculine are happier pursuing career or worldly success. More feminine horoscope women are happier with more creative, gentle activities, a more supportive role (wife, mother, etc) 

-what are your biggest issue and remedies (afflictions to your most important planets) 

-the problems of your Sun and Moon—do you need to heal the relationship with mother or father.

-the 12 archetypes of a happy woman according to your horoscope. If you do not follow your archetype you are silencing the Goddess within! 

-looking at individual charts and giving advice for remedies and ways out of hard situations or repeating negative patterns 

-spiritual and esoteric methods of healing your feminine and having better relationships. 

This retreat is for women who want to learn how to be happy, free, how to overcome difficult situations in their life and to start feeling like Goddesses who can achieve whatever they want! 


Deposit: $500 
For the rest of the payment we will let you know how to send it to us as soon as we know if we have the minimum number of people





5 Day Retreat for Goddesses in Bulgaria, this July, DEPOSIT $500

If you have any questions for the retreat feel free to contact us at astroladauk@gmail.com