2019 Summer Astrology Retreat

June 20 to 24th 2019

Where:  Santa Marina, Sozopol, Bulgaria
When: 20th, 21st, 22nd and part of 23rd of June 2019, a summer solstice astrology bash! 
Capacity: 30 to 40 keen astrology lovers! 
Price: $1100
For ALL details about the retreat click HERE

This page is just for the down payment of the reservation which is $200. This is a non-refundable amount if you decide to cancel. But if the retreat does not happen, we will send you a full refund. 

For the rest of  the amount, you will receive an email once we have the necessary number of people, so you can send a check or transfer to a bank account. Please, do not book your hotel and flights yet, you first need a confirmation that the retreat will be happening!

Thank you! 

Astrology Retreat Deposit $200

In case the retreat does not happen, your deposit will be refunded. I will send you an email, as soon as we have the right number of people so you can book your tickets and hotel and send the rest of the fee.