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2019 Video Horoscopes
60 to 90 minutes each
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Astrolada's in-depth 2019 video horoscopes for each of the 12 signs. Each sign is 60 to 80 minutes long, full of amazing information!

- Where you can grow and expand, create prosperity, receive help Jupiter influence in 2019 for your sign

- What area of your life will be more testing and slower going, with need to restructure or downsize. Saturn influence in 2019 for your sign

- Where you will be loosing and winning this year. Rahu and Ketu influence for you

- The periods which you will need extra caution and efforts and the areas in life they will happen. Retrograde periods of the planets

- The life transforming influence of the outer planets-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with specific DAYS and DEGREES for the people who will feel these the most. Remedies and advice how to benefit from these rare transits

- Weeks and months good for love, business, rest, fun, new beginnings.

- The most hectic and crisis prone periods for you. Mars transits. 

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