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Hi, my love life has been really upsetting for the past 14 years. Do you see improvement in that department?

Unlucky in Love For 14 Years

Unlucky in Love For 14 Years

I had a quick view at your Horoscope. Now you are having Jupiter passing through your 7th house of relationship, which happens ones every 12 years, so your chances within the next 12 months are increased and strengthened and lot. If this transit is not enough, then you will have to wait for the planet which rules this period of your life to finish its mandate and give way to the next one, which will really change your vibrational make up and point of attraction: this is happening in spring of 2013. The planet that rules now is connected to unrequieted loves, impossible, distant loves,inner emptiness(south node). It is also natally in your 6th house of conflict, unbalanced partnerships, loss of marital or relationships agreements. So all the years that it rules have had and will have similar nature. It requires from you to let go rather than to get involved, discover your inner self sufficiency and stay detached. But it will give the baton to loving and relationships oriented Venus in the Spring of 2013 and she will be ruling your life for the next 20 years. I am not saying all the 20 years from there on will be roses and champagne, but from 2013, especially around 2013/14 you can expect improvement, someone coming in your life and staying committed. The planetary positions then will be very auspicious for a fateful meeting that was agreed on before you were even born, one of those karmic love relationships.

Kind regards Astrolada

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