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My husband would like to move away from where we live. I am not sure I should follow. I feel unhappy where we live right now but I am concerned that I would feel even worse where he wants to go.

Should I Move?

Should I Move?

This is the chart for the moment I read your question, it is erected for the time and place where the astrologer is when she understood your question.

It does look like you will be moving in about one unit of time, which is can be either a month or a year. I do see that you will be nostalgic for the old place, even if you are not feeling so good about it now, and will be indifferent to the new place for awhile. At the beginning--5 units of time--I hope it is only 5 months not years, the new place will bring you middling and non impressive results, which you will not find very encouraging, but after those 5 units of time, your circumstances will improve and you will start feeling that this is the right move for you. It will not be initially so, but you should know that eventually you will see the reason for the movement and how it fits in the bigger picture of your life and you will be really pleased with the results. The potential for big improvement is there albeit after a period of relative indifference and mediocre results. I looks like at the beginning you will regret leaving the current place, but after the 5 units of time the place will start showing you its real potential and will give blessings. Then I look at the significators of the both places and try and compare which one is stronger.

The planet that rules your current place(Jupiter-ruler of first house) is in 6th house and going backwards. This is a relatively weak position and sixth house is a place of delays and hard work,much effort, so being where you are is somehow delaying your growth and demanding solid effort. The planet that rules the new place-Mercury(ruler of 7th house sign-Gemini) is in the 9th house which is a much luckier house than the 6th. 9th house rules luck, dharma-the right things one has to do in one's life, the direction and meaning of life. So you have a mission there, it seems. But the planet Mercury is not in a very strong sign, and there is a damaging planet in the house of the foreign country, so you will not find things as easy when you initially go there. You might not see much improvement to your state in the first five units of time while you are there. (Mercury-the new place, goes into its own sign after 5 degree, which means that the new place will offer improved circumstances only after 5 units of time--5 months of 5 years!) But after those 5 units(I hope it is 5 months, not years), things will get extremely good for you!

Kind regards Astrolada

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