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My sun sign is Aquarius, moon sign is Gemini and ascendant is Libra. My family is going through a tough financial crisis. Will I be able to get a good job within a year?

Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship

You have so much air in your chart! From next summer Jupiter-the Great Benefic is moving in Gemini from where he will help all your Air planets and points(Moon, Sun, Ascedant) so things would really improve tremendously from next summer. I asked the tarot specifically about your work, and I got the King of Pentacles which is a card that promises financial stabilization! He is a businessman, skilled at his work, fruitful in his endeavors,successful and materially well off due to his own efforts. The same will be valid very soon for you. You will have work and be able to help your family. There will be stability and improvement so cheep up! :)


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