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Did I make the right choice regarding my career and education?

Career/Education Worry

Career/Education Worry

I had a quick look at the tarot cards regarding your decision for the future. I first got the Ace of Cups which means that you listened to your inner voice, this is what your higher self, often manifesting as a gut feeling, wanted you to do and you followed it!

Then I got the Page of pentacles which is a card about making your plans real, achieving tangible results. Again a confirmation that you are on the right path which will make you grow and expand. This is card of growth and practical success, so if this is what you are after you will be getting it due to your choices in career and education. This choice will bring you safety and stability as the Pentacle represent the element earth and material well-being. After you study, grow, and apply your self(page of Pentacles) to the task before you comes the third card which is 8 of Wands--a card of busy activity and initiative. The studies and choices will take you on a fast moving and happening track on which you will put plans into action.

I would say you have made a really appropriate choice for you future!

Kind regards

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