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You have been told to be afraid of Venus retrograde periods! VERY afraid! That you should NOT marry, date, flirt, start a relationship, change your hair do, buy clothes, have fun and that you will all break up with someone!

Why I LOVE Venus Retrograde Periods!

Why I LOVE Venus Retrograde Periods!

How misleading from modern astrologers!

Actually in ancient Astrology Retrograde planets are considered way more powerful! Because they are the closest to the earth and the brightest in the sky! This is when their influence is at its peak!

So what will Venus retrograde enhance for 40 days while it is retro?

Only the best things in world: FOOD, MONEY, SEX, LOVE, ROMANCE, ART, FASHION, MUSIC...

The only problem is that too much of a good thing can be sometimes problematic. So if you have been overindulging in any of these, you might have a break down, before you have a breakthrough!

When Venus is is retro we revise willingly or not out attitudes to all these things so we can take it to the next level.

For example: couples bond deeper and many decide to get engaged or take the commitment further in some way.

Single people can realise what their biggest blockage in love is and change their approach in a big way, thus attracting finally the right person.

People in unhealthy relationships can finally find strength to see the reality of it and break away.

You can find out who you truly love or who truly loves you and sort out your priority commitments and people in your life in a healthy way.

An unfinished relationship from the past can come back to be re-evaluated and released fully or restarted.

So it is make up or break up time!

An old painful relationship experience or unhealed heartbreak, might finally be outgrown and released.

One can have a breakthrough in regards to their financial blockages. Many can change their point of attraction through new realisation!

One can find the best bargains and deals for fashion, art, luxury items, etc.

You see some of these processes might not be easy, but are such turning points in one's life, which we have been dreaming of!!

So go on--fully embrace this truly wondrous time!!

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