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How can you predict or have a glimpse what the next 12 months will bring you in regards to love, pleasures and lifestyle quality? There is a very easy way to see this and even predict if this your year to meet someone special!

Venus Return in Astrology

Venus Return in Astrology

Venus makes a return to its Natal position in your birth chart once every year. The events on the day before, of and after the exact return are very telling about how you will fare during the next 12 months in regards to Venus matters: Relationships, love, luxuries, vehicles, the good things in life, sensory and sensual enjoyments of any sorts! Any human will jump at the opportunity to know this! Pay attention to the omens on this day(s) and even go back to the past and see if you can remember what happened to you then! Let me give you an example: A client of mine bumped into an old flame of hers on the day before her Venus retrun. He was full of compliments towards her and they ended up have a pleasnt exchange. 3 months later, the biggest love of her life came back into her life and they resumed their relationship! Her Venus return gave her a preview of what was to come during the next 12 months.

Another example. Last year on my Venus return(maybe a day later) I had a small argument with my partner(nothing serious) but the whole next 12 months ended up being full of bickering and petty disagreements. Yikes! This year I had a lovely barbecue do. Venus rules good food and pleasures-- I know my year will be full of healthy, hearty food and good, enjoyable company. Then I got invited by my host to trim her Roses-flowers are symbol of Venus and relationships---it ended up being a very pleasant and joyful experience- the sun was shining and my heart felt light. This is a great sign that I will be trimming the "dead weeds" out of my personal relationships and giving up remaining attachments to past loves. This will not hurt. Had it beed raining and windy while doing it, or had I pricked myself on the thorns, I would expect it to be a painful process.


Then I ended up staying in a luxury hotel in the centre of London, which my fiancee had booked! So Romantic! Venus rules all the luxuries and pleasant material enjoyments in life--now I know there will be a lot of these to look forward to and that we will have a very enjoyable romantic year ahead! (we are getting married this year--so it is a very good sign)!


But our car's engine(Vehicles are Venus ruled) malfunctioned, so I know we will be having problems with vehicles in the next 12 months. The day before my Venus return I had a fantastic time picking up paints and furtniture for our new place--I was inspired, hopeful and excited and it all went very smooth. Venus rules beauty, decoration, fashion, design--another Venus thing which I know will go great this year and the flat will look beautiful! The day of my Venus return ended with a beautifu view of thel sunset from Chelsea bridge! Another positive venusian indulgence of the senses!


So, on the 2-3 days of your Venus return, watch for any events connected to Venus-relationships,parties, social engagements, pleasures, sex, luxuries, beutiful objects, fashion, design, vehicles etc. Are you feeling excited or having fun doing any of these or are you frustrated? Are you having a fight with someone about any of the above topics? Are some things running smoothly while others with hitches? What are you spening money on--healthy and beautiful pleasures or whimsical splurges on overpriced/ unhealthy/useless "treats"? You will be getting more of these things throghout the year. Are you feeling attractive ir frumpy? Are you feeling aroused and sexy or detached from affections / physical closeness. All of these states will pointers regarding your love life for months ahead!! These signs always work amazingly well! I could have told you some horror stories from some of my past Venus returns, but I wanted to stay positive ;) The other thing you can do when having your Venus return is plan positive Venus experiences which you prefer to set the tone for the next 12 months and have more of: go for a haircut, facial or massage, write a love letter to your future lover, invite your partner for a romantic dinner, etc. If you cannnot fully cheat the stars, at least you can try. If things are not meant to be like that, something will happen to ruin your experience or put a speck on it...

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