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Predicting New Beginnings in Life with Astrology

Predicting New Beginnings in Life with Astrology

Astrology is an amazing tool to foresee and plan for the big new beginnings in life! Actually there is no other reliable system which can time correctly such periods of renewal and fresh direction. But astrology can also define the quality and nature of these events! Some new beginnings are long awaited, easy to see and in the coming for years, while others take us by surprise and shock us out of our conform zone! As a 12 year practicing astrologer I will reveal to you some of the most reliable astrological methods which I have seen that point to the timing and nature of these periods.

1.Saturn transit ascendant, Sun or Moon.

(To find out if Saturn will conjunct your Sun, Moon or Ascendant go to my birth chart calculator enter your details and once you have all the charts, scroll below to the transit hit list for the next 3 years. Check if you will have any of these 3 transits in the coming 3 years)

Saturn's passing over one of these 3 important points in your horoscope, signify karmic and fated events. Such which some as a result of our previous actions and to bring the fruits(bitter or sweet) of our past actions. This is the reason that often the events during such transits do not come as a shocker or us, or at least those around us who have observed us more impartially. Saturn's transits are a kind of karmic pay back, after which the slate is clean and we can start again. For people who have worked honestly and consistently on an area of their life, These can be periods of big culminations and rewards for hard work well done, like reaching the peak of the mountain, receiving some social recognition or position of authority. But Saturn will also show you the results of your not so palatable (non)actions and choices and remove from your life the areas and people who have played their role. Saturn makes us more serious and determined to try again harder this time and create more lasting structures For the future! Very often these periods feel more painful, like a process of labor and childbirth but once we push through to the other side, we feel grateful that we did that hard work which laid the foundations and structure of our future for many years ahead.

One of the Saturn transits lasts about 1 year approximately and happens only once in 29 years. Saturn's new beginnings are long in the making and a natural outcome one can expect. For example: having been in a career, circumstance or relationship which did not give you satisfaction but you stayed there half heartedly without the necessary devotion, because of convenience or just not to rock the boat. Then Saturn comes and you loose that person/position/ so you can start again with more dedication in a new direction. Saturn's new beginnings often entail drawn our separations of some sort which we usually resist but which are no longer constructive in our life. They also involve the need to patiently endure the results of our past actions while at the same time humbly and conscientiously, step by step build the foundations of our new goals.

2.Uranus hard transit to Ascendant, Sun or Moon. (Venus for relationships).

(To find out if Uranus will conjunct your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, go to my birth chart calculator enter your details and once you have all the charts, scroll below to the transit hit list for the next 3 years. Check if you will have any of these 3 transits in the coming 3 years).

Uranus transits to the important points in the horoscope tend to bring sudden unexpected changes, which can really shake us up from our comfort zone! Like a sudden divorce, overwhelming desire to travel the world, falling in love totally unexpectedly, a brand new career direction. These often come, as if out of the blue and can make the person feel like walking on the edge! But speaking from a cosmic perspective even these changes are something which our soul has called for at some moment! Uranus brings exciting and totally fresh new energy into our life-like the CEO who quits her job and becomes a surfer, or the good obedient wife who leaves her family for an exotic new man! Uranus transits shake us up but also make us feel alive and authentic again! Like a rebirth! Even in the rare occasions when nothing changes on the outside of one's life, there is a huge shift internally, after which we are never the same again. For example a married Woman who has Uranus transit Sun(male figures) suddenly saw her husband through different eyes and fell In love, she stopped having a long drawn and painful attraction to another man, nothing in her outer circumstances changed but she felt liberated from the burden of secret yearnings due to a massive shift In her perception towards her husband. Uranus hard transits last around a year and a half and happen only once in 21-22 years.

3.Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Sun.

(You can find out when your progressed Moon joins the progressed Sun by checking how many days after your birthday (on the year of your birth) there was a new Moon. Then count the number of days from your birthday to that day. If 19, then at the age of 19 you will have a new beginning. The second new moon after that will be the next big new beginning, 28 days later or at your 47th year)

This happens once in 28-29 years and is when the Moon joins the Sun-mother and father coming together to create a new life! . The following 3.5 years of your life, since the new progressed Moon, will be a period of many new beginnings, which you gradually develop-for example in the year of my New progressed Moon I moved to England and within the following 3.5 years I discovered astrology, my current career path. The progressed Moon cycles are like waves and gradual change of mentality and consciousness, which lead to outer shift, they might feel imperceptible immediacy but they are the most potent cycles in life-like the seasons. They take big periods and It might take up to 14 years to see the full fruition of these new seeds planted during the 3.5 year period, until the progressed full Moon. In this early stage you feel excited about new directions, willing to try new things, to be adventurous. The 3,5 years preceding the New progressed Moon in your life, feel like a sort of ending, possibly feeling unmotivated, confused or stuck in some way, which for western go-getting, reach-for-the-stars, follow-your-dreams mentality might be uncomfortable. But the preceding period is a necessary break to unwind before the new fresh directions start unfolding.

Many clients come to an astrologer during the preceding or initial stages of the Progressed New Moon, because they feel something new should come but are often impatient, uncertain and unclear about the direction. No point forcing someone to find or start a totally new vocation or lifestyle before the Progressed New Moon, because the seeds of inspiration would only be planted after the Progressed New Moon. As an astrologer, you should encourage a person in that preceding 3,5 year period to finish things up, spend more time contemplating, researching and not succumb to self defeating attitudes like-I am a looser, nothing new works out or grows in my life etc. Explain that there are natural cycles in one's life, just like there is winter in Nature, when the plans are asleep and gathering strength. One cannot grow tangible and new things in life while the Moon is decreasing or invisible(the period before the progressed new Moon). Once the Moon starts growing, especially in the first 3.5 years after the exact period of the progressed new Moon, so will your new ideas, but also throughout the whole 14 year cycle of the growing progressed Moon, until Full progressed Moon, when harvest comes for 3.5 years!

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