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"My world is literally falling apart!" This is the most common e-mail I get from people who are going through a rare life transforming Pluto transit!

Pluto Transits. The Game Changer!

Pluto Transits. The Game Changer!

Important Pluto transits happen once or twice in life. For some people it is more times, but these are exceptional tough souls who chose a fast track evolution through crisis incarnation.

When Pluto comes around, for about 2 years everything inside and outside our lives totally changes.
By the end of the period, the transformation is so profound, the person is barely recognisable, so is his environment.

Here is a story from a client who had Pluto transit her Sun and Venus over 2 years:

"I was living the High Life- jet setting, high fashion, luxury properties, rubbing shoulders with royalty and celebrity...not a care in the get the picture. I was dating an affluent man who introduced me to this lifestyle and maintained it for me for years.

Then this Pluto transit over my Venus and Sun started and all my biggest fears materialised! We separated and I lost everything, which had "defined me" for years.

I had never worked before, I had never taken the tube either...I knew I had been living in a bubble and that it was much different outside this protected circle, but I was not going to be dragged into "reality" without kicking and screaming!

I tried to carry on living as before, but soon my credit cards were maxed out, I had to start selling my jewellery, move to a little flat...

I resisted as long as possible accepting the change and adjusting to it, actually this was the most painful part of the process-resisting.

At the end, I was forced to start looking within myself for answer, albeit very unwillingly...I started my own company(imagine how horrifying it initially felt for this "princess" to have to work like everyone else! lol), at the first attempt, I failed, I lost most of my remaining savings. It was heart breaking...

I had no option but to try again working for my self, because no one would employ me without any work experience.
I started another low key company. I had to give it my all, if I did not make any profit, I would be homeless. It seemed impossible....

Fast track 12 months later, while Pluto's transit is still active, and now I have a lucrative own business, I do not depend on any man to support me, I am respected for my contributions rather than for my Hermes bags or who I am dating!! And I can again have the previous standard, but I do not feel drawn to it anymore!

It is the most empowering and amazing transformation! I feel like I can change the world, if I could achieve all this in 12 months on my own with no help or previous experience, imagine how much more I can do!"

This is the gist of a powerful Pluto transit! It creates a big crisis in your life, leaves you naked, smashes your ego and false attachments. You feel so vulnerable, you think you will die...but it also creates the conditions for your personal empowerment and taking the reigns of destiny in your hands!! From the ashes of the crisis, inhuman will power is generated, which helps you do feats of unimaginable achievement!

Pluto is the Millionaire breaker and maker transit! I have seen a few Millionaires loose their fortune during a Pluto transit, only to rebuild it even more successfully within the same transit!!

I have seen poor people, make such a huge change in their consciousness and life which takes them to a totally new vibrational level and they finally have the material break through they have been dreaming of. I have seen addicts, considered a lost cause, be able to rid themselves of life long addictions and become pillars of strength for others.

I have seen greedy and cruel, have their ego crushed, their power stripped away, only to emerge meeker and more humane, with healthier goals in life.

I have seen victims of abuse, finally overcome their consciousness of victimhood and find inner strength!

I have seen the hopeless and downtrodden become a powerhouse of achievement...

The inner transformation Pluto brings is the jump in consciousness which generates a new level of manifestation!

You can check if you have any Pluto transit during the next 3 years, from my Birth chart calculator. Once you fill in your birth details, scroll below the the charts and you will see a list of transits for 3 years ahead.

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