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This is considered one of the most difficult but also unique combinations to have in astrology! Especially in the horoscope of a woman, because the Moon is the most important planet of the emotional well being of a woman.

Moon with Rahu in the Horoscope

Moon with Rahu in the Horoscope
It is a position which can lead in some cases to mental illness or extreme emotional states caused by the highly psychic and sensitive nature of the person which borders on volatile. Rahu-is a powerful psychic and astral influence and when with the Moon which is one’s perception of reality, one can become like a psychic sponge and gate for foreign outside influence. One can easily absorb the undercurrents in any room and get sudden emotional states. Often such a person will be impressionable and can fall easily victim to predatory, unhealthy or toxic people and environments, therefore it is very important that such a person choose their environment with utmost awareness and strive for the friendship of those more evolved and pure, otherwise they will copy many unsavory behaviors and lifestyles-after all Rahu is a demonic being in Astrological Mythology and as such strives to trap us into deep matter of strong desires, physical pursuits and compulsive behaviors. A moon Rahu person will be like gate for attracting these Rahu experiences!


If you have a child with this combination make sure you monitor their environment and interests as they often are drawn to more taboo and dangerous such and pick them up fast, which can mess up with their minds. But, if they are surrounded by better role models, they will easily absorb these influences too! Usually the Rahu Moon person will like the glamorous, wild, crazy, over the top, extreme and rebellious role models so the world can suck them in with all its temptations and they will dive in! Rahu is depicted as a Dragon’s head which just wants to swallow everything and when with the Moon-which is one’s most ingrained way of behaving, these people can easily become insatiable and stray into addictions. Korntney Love: Moon with Rahu

courtney love

Nothings is ever enough, they go to extremes in everything! Hence this is one of the most common combinations for people with addictive obsessive tendencies, especially females. The key here is to realize that the Rahu Moon person is extreme and obsessive and make this work to their favour, so they can just as easily develop obsessions for healthy habits: working out, eating healthy, meditating, focusing on an interest or a hobby which they will do with the same voracity and compulsive need as the bad habits!


I have seem many Rahu Moon people who become from unhealthy addicts(love, food, drugs, etc) into healthy such and achieve the most powerful life transformations-and the success they would have would be a feat of wonder due to this intense obsessive nature they would do it with. For example I have the same combination and astrology became my addiction, before that was running, before that religion. So the answer for you Rahu/Moon people is: don’t try not to be obsessive, it is your nature, but learn to be obsessive over the right things. Rahu Moon person, never has an ordinary life, as Rahu is such an dramatic and changeable influence, giving them a lot of reversal and big changes in life, which make for a great book but can be draining and exhausting sometimes for the person. This will be the woman who married a few times, dated a celebrity, travelled the world, learned to dance with snakes, made a million dollar company, then sold it, became a monk for a year, etc etc! lol I mean it can look amazing from outside but it is a roller coaster. But the person needs this, when things get too routine and smooth, a Rahu Moon person will self sabotage some area of life to create some emotional drama, as this is what they are used to and what they feel natural in.


Men are very attracted to Moon Rahu women, even if they are not stunners, because the Rahu externalizes and exaggerates whatever planet it is with, in this case the Moon—the emotional reactions of the woman, so they have emotional “transparency”, “honesty” and expressiveness which is very alluring to men, at least initially. They give off the impression of amazingly powerful female energy(Moon) which men can go mad over, but it is externalized such, while inside these women tend to lack this femininity and emotional poise, so they can be some of the most difficult women to be with! Rahu is also always hungry, so these women tend to feel like their emotional needs are never fully satisfied, so they need more and more and can be often in a state of discontent and emotionalism. Zeta-Zones. Moon with Rahu in Pisces Kim Basinger. Moon with Rahu in Capricorn

Zeta Kim

But anyway men tend to throw themselves at the Rahu Moon women initially because of this powerful but misleading feminine magnetism they give off. Also Rahu is a very sexy, smoking influence, giving the owners of Rahu Moon an exotic sultry vibe which is very irresistible to others(especially if it is a woman with Rahu Moon) A male with this combination does not shows so much emotionalism or drama, but tends to attract such women in his life-sexy and different but also troublesome. Moon shows how receptive he can be to the needs of his partner and when with Rahu, this male will be sensitive but somehow not able to pick up on what his female partner really needs or feels. With age these difficult tendencies of Rahu will decrease and in late 30-ties and early 40-ties one, will become more settled emotionally and in control of their inner emotional world, but they should get ready for a hell of a ride before that! To keep things easier make sure you live in pure environment, with positive people around you, little pollutants and clean light food. Rahu rules all toxins and poisons and when with the Moon which rules all the liquids in the body, the person can easily have a more toxic blood which affects happiness, well being and ultimately health. So they need to keep their blood as pure as possible by detoxing often, eating many dark green leafy vegetables, drinking hot water to flush the body, getting more early morning sun and clean air! But mostly not poisoning their mind with negative thoughts and pained thoughts. Instead learn to center their emotions through mediation and healthy but demanding interests which take care of their need for obsessive involvement.


The Moon represents one's imagination. Rahu can really blow this one out of proportion! These people can be in their own world for hours and days at a time. Their vivid and powerful imagination can be used in two ways: to escape reality and to daydream to the point of delusion or to be unusually creative and unique with unconvetional ideas. Often the same person will manifest both of these. One's dream world and subconscious can also be very powerful, so one can have big fears and worries coming from their turbulent unconscious but can also be very intuitive and connected to the invisible worlds and once they learn to deal and master these subconsious energies, they can become powerful occult, spiritual or mass influence figures like Gandhi.

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