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5 Astrology Indications for Karmic Relationships

5 Astrology Indications for Karmic Relationships

In this article I will demonstrate the 5 most common indications for soul mate problems and the ultimate lessons of such relationships.

The personal planets of one partner, conjunct the South Node of the other. The personal planets in one’s horoscope are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Ascendant lord and the Ascendant. If one of these points is conjunct the other partner’s South Node within 7-8 degrees, this is an indication that these 2 people have been in an important relationship in a past life, which the lessons of which have not been completed, and in this life time the 2 people meet again to finish what they started before and to let go of the attachment. There is often a feeling of familiarity and having picked When Venus is involved, they 2 partners have been together in a romantic or marriage relationship and have to complete the lessons of sharing, equal giving and receiving and love. There is often a sense of loving each other as soon as they meet. When Mars is involved the 2 partners have been either siblings, competitors, brothers in arms, or when the dignity of Mars is not good-they were enemies or hurt each other in some way. In this life they meet in order to learn to bury the hatcht. When the Sun is involved, they were together as a father/child, boss/employee, or authority figure/subordinate, they might have also had mutual goals and business together. When the Moon is involved they part of the same family, were mother/child, protector/protected. When Mercury is involved, they might have been close siblings, best friends, co-workers, business ascociates. When the Ascendant or the Ascendant lord is involved, they were major players in each other’s past lives, impacting their destiny and direction.

The personal planets of one partner conjunct, square or opposite the natal Saturn of the other within 8-9 degrees. Saturn shows where we have more difficult karma, which we created in a past live and which repeats this one too. We made some mistakes in that area, usually out of ignorance, fear, lack, survival instinct in rare occasion out of pure resentment. One of the partner’s usually hurt or deprived the other in some way as per the nature of the planet involved with Saturn: venus—withholding of affecting hurting the self esteem, Mars-physical pressure, cruelty, abuse, Mercury-intellectual and verbal hurt, deprivation, Moon-emotional hurt and deprivation, Sun-self esteem hurt, blockage of the potential for shining one’s light and individuality. Ascendant-suppression of overall direction in life and freedom, etc. In this life time the roles might be reversed, so the other partner can experience the hurt they caused in a past life, or there might be a repeat of the same suppressing situation, and lack-based dynamic of interaction, so the wronged person can learn to detach from the negative reaction or to endure.

The personal planets of one partner conjunct, square or opposite the natal Pluto of the other within 5-6 degrees. Pluto is a planet of power(emotional, financial, psychological) so it shows how we have abused or misused personal power in past lives. In current live a dynamic of power, manipulation shows between in couple, so one can learn to take their power back, or see the negative consequences of abusing power in any form. On the psychological level Pluto destroys the ego attachments which manifest through complex psychological games. The ultimate goal of Pluto based relationships is to transform the participants on a deep level, which albeit painful, helps us grow the most psychologically. With such relationships we can face our biggest fears and be renewed after surviving them.

The personal planets of one partner conjunct, square or opposite the natal Neptune of the other within 5-6 degrees. Neptune is the planet of Divine love. It wants us to connect to higher ideals and usually does it by inciting powerful devotion bordering on sacrifice. In such relationships we learn to love and give, rather than want to receive. There is often a dymanic or idealization, sacrifice, giving more, loving despite of distance, impossibility or lack of equal reciprocation. Usually one of the partners love or gives unconditionally without regards for what they receive back, or one the partners misleading the other or dangling a carrot in front of them. The lines the blurred, ambivalent, unclear, but the ultimate goal of such relationships is refinement and spiritualization of feelings and learning to connect to and love the essence of the other rather than what another can give them materially or emotionally.

The personal planets of one partner in the 12th house of the other. The 12th house indicates our past lives and subconscious programs. If the conscious is 1%, the subconscious mind is 99% they say. When one’s planets activate the other 12th house, there Is a sense of deep and inexplicable connection, but one in which one feels like they owe something to the other. In such couples there might be a karmic debt which has to be paid off, an old dynamic which has to be completed. Usually one gives more the other—it can be in a healthy or non healthy way, depending on the level of consciousness. Such relationships are about forgiving and letting go, if the goal is the achieved, they can become extremely spiritual and liberating.

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