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  Here is a fun but educational article I wrote about the most appropirate or desirable holidays for each sign. Incase you want to surprise your other half or a friend with a lovely get away, here are some suggestions for the each sign.

Astro Holidays

Astro Holidays

Astro Holidays It is late summer, I am sipping my green tea and laying by the pool on a magical island. But being a restless Aries, I can not stay inactive for long.

Why not write an article on how the different signs spend their holidays?! I have the perfect inspiration! Here is the first of three articles.


Aries will be the ones up earliest in the morning, all excited about the adventures of the day ahead. They will wake up the rest unceremoniously and start goading the slower ones to hurry up as there are so many things to do and see! Initial resistance from the rest of the group will quickly disappear, as the Aries enthusiasm is contagious. They might try and push everyone into doing the fun things they have in mind but if not obeyed they will not stay angry with you, they will instead quickly think of a hundred other more exciting things to do.


They will be attracted to the high adrenaline past times—it does not have to be bungee jumping, but they will surely be physically active—head diving, playing water games, pushing others into the pools, whizzing around the aqua park--anything forceful, competitive and almost childish- intense activity gives them a giddy rush. But even though they can be a hectic ball of energy for a bit it, it does not last long-Arians will be the first ones to get bored and tired and take a break after the buzz of the initial enthusiasm. The less physically active Aries will spend lots of time on their own with their thoughts and single person activities. This is not like the need for quiet and isolation of dreamy Pisces, but a sincere enjoyments of one’s own company and a feeling of self-sufficiency. After all, for an Aries, there is no one more interesting than him self!


Taureans are born for restful holidaying! They can sit and sleep peaceful around the pool for hours without getting bored and really enjoy the simple pleasures of the moment. Feeling the sun on their skin, sipping slowly their sweet cocktail and relishing every drop of it, watching others play beach games, etc, of course do not expect them to get involved if the leisure activity is too strenuous and exhausting.Good cuisine is of the utmost importance to a true Taurus on a holiday.They are the food gourmets of the zodiac. They will order half the menu as seeing abundance makes them really happy. You do not have to order much as they will opt for way more than they can manage alone.They are people of the sensual pleasures, so if you are booking a holiday for a Taurus, make sure the surrounding is really pleasing to the eye(good looking people in swimwear is a great bonus), the food to the palette, the sounds to the ears. No loud, overpopulated pools please! Then they will be more than happy to lounge at the same spot for days at a time. So take them to the most picturesque resort, surround them with color rich flora(Taurus has a strong connection to the mother Earth) and let them indulge their senses in the abundance and beauty of nature!


Do not expect Gemini to stay around the pool or at the hotel complex for long periods if time. Their minds are so curious and overactive that they need constant change of environment to stimulate them. You need to plan at least three different activities a day for them. For example: a nature walk, a town tour and a boat trip. And that is the program only for day one. Phew They love networking and interacting with new people so make sure you take them to busy places, full of young people where they can flit and take facebook addresses from person to person. But if you are a shy type, a Gemini friend with you will be all you need to get introduced to everyone around the pool by name, including the staff. If by any chance they are staying longer at the pool they will look so busy, that if you were a peace loving Taurean you would get exhausted just by watching them! They will be taking phone calls, while browsing through a magazine, while e-mailing on their laptop.


Cancer is a water a sign, that is why its representatives will love any holiday that is on water-a cottage by a picturesque lake, a villa close enough to the sea to hear the lapping waves, or a boat trip on the Nile. Wherever you take a Cancer you have to make sure that the accommodation has the comforts and the feeling of a real home and privacy. It is not that they will not appreciate a trendy minimalistic hotel but they will enjoy the most a cozy traditional cottage with antique or hand made furniture and a quaint garden overgrown with flowers and herbs. It has to ooze history and a feeling of being lived in. And do not forget that big cooking stove! Cancers are all about nurturing and taking care of others-- they will love to go down the local market, buy the freshest ingredients and create a heart warming meal for everyone to enjoy.You can see a Cancer touring the archeological sights and museums as they are fascinated by roots and history, anything that take one to the past. They will usually be spotted surrounded by their extended family and tending protectively to them, as what is the point of holidaying unless you can share it with your closest.


When I think of Leo, two places come to mind—the French Riviera and Las Vegas! This is a glamour-loving sign with a lot of style and pomp. They need to be at the heart of things where it is all happening, where the cream of the cream gathers. Models, celebrities, millionaires, glitzy cars, champagne and do not forget yacht parties. Any place where the rich and gorgeous get together and the party never stops is a magnet for a real Leo. They can just as easily enjoy a vacation on some small island with friends as long as they are at the heart of the entertainment and achieve a mini celebrity status. They will be the ones organizing the fun games, prancing around with the children, dancing the nights away with confidence and posing by the pool. That said, do not imagine that Leos are very active-just the opposite, they are royally lazy buy when it comes to fun and creativity they will make an exception. Expect a lot of laughter around them. If the weather is bad, do not worry as your Leo will substitute the sun for the day or two of rain!


Who is this guying having a jog every morning at six thirty on the beach?! You can bet that he is either a Virgo or has at least one or two planets in Virgo. The health conscious sign of the zodiac is really aware how it treats the body. This trait might not appear till mid age but Virgos will generally try and constantly improve their mind and body. You might see them poring over some practical read like a dictionary or brushing up on some work related skills. The most conscientious of them might be even working by the pool. They take their daily routine very seriously and would not ruin it because of a holiday. Things they do are usually well thought out and planned so u can expect your Virgo to have a relative good outline of the graphic for the holiday. They have quite selective taste as the sign is painfully aware of the smallest details, so to make a Virgo happy it is imperative that you choose a high standard and very clean venue, not necessarily glamorous though. An adventurous walk to the local slums or exotic foods market will not be easily tolerated by their sensitive stomachs. A trek in the mountains or the jungle without the necessary hygiene maintaining facilities is also out of the question.


Here are the most refined representatives of the zodiac. To feel happy they need everything to be esthetically pleasing, charming, civil, cultured. No adventures in the jungle surrounded by creepy crawlies, please! Instead take them to Paris where they can wander the galleries and soak up the artistic and romantic atmosphere of the streets as much as their beauty craving heart desires.


Or even better-Venice during the carnival! All true Libras have a fascination with fashion and design paired with a love of classical beauty and culture. It will be the perfect setting. Then take a gondola down the canals and watch their romantic hearts melt with bliss. Libras love to go clothes shopping, when on holiday. If you can afford it and really want to impress them, do indulge Libras in a quality shopping trip. Take them to old school grandeur hotels and venues and they will have the holiday of their life! It is true that there is a bit of the snob in them, but aren’t they lovable!?


This is the most intense and passionate sign of all. They need intimacy and deep meaningful experiences like no one else with the added requirement for privacy, as they are also extremely secretive. So you will most likely find them on a secluded island with dramatic and sometime even foreboding scenery where they can spend most intimate moments with a special one without being bothered by prying eyes or chatty tourists. Scorpios are also known for their fascination with all dark, taboo and scary topics. A tour of a red light district, torture dungeon, deep cave, dangerous slum, concentration camp, crime museum and all places where death’s presence can be felt will make a true Scorpio feel alive! They will not be the ones making multiple friends and socializing indiscriminately by the pool, as they are very aware of the darker side of human nature. They will first observe someone quietly and even test him/her in some way before allowing closeness but once it is established, they will be in for a long and meaningful communication even friendship.


They are just made for exotic holidaying. It is not common to find them in the popular commercial resorts unless they have to comply with family of friends’ preferences. The heart of the true Sag yearns for faraway, totally outlandish and preferably little explored cultures and lands. He would rejoice to spend a week picking up the language of a wild tribe in the Amazon, hunting with the Bushmen of Africa, or learn to build igloos in Siberia. But there should always be some meaningful activity involving a learning process to expand their understanding and outlook. These are truly the fearless explorers of the zodiac, eager for adventure and knowledge who will not stop at small hurdles like the lack of physical comforts. Luxury is not a goal in itself. To have a great holiday, Sag should be given the freedom to explore and roam the surroundings, to make bonds with any locals regardless of their status and follow no schedules and pre-programmed tours. The more tamed ones will have a deep fascination with the local lore and views on life and morals.


The social and corporate climbers of the zodiac will rarely go on a holiday spot without an access to internet or reception. As they are very responsible about their duties, they do not want to let down others relying on them, even during a vacation. One might often see them working by the pool, taking conference calls, giving instructions to subordinates who need their invaluable expertise or simply working out the implementation of a new project in their heads. But they will also attend to their family duties with the same devotion. Capricorns are known to be the corner stones in the family structure and they take the role as the reliable, authority figure very seriously, so even if they sneak a few work hours into their hard earn holidays, they will also spend a good amount of time being an exemplary, watchful patriarch and participate in the family activities. If you want to organize a memorable holiday for a Capricorn, make sure that you choose classy, refined places preferably with interesting architecture and history. Overcrowded, unsophisticated places or spontaneous treks in the wilderness will not please them as they love to hold on to their beloved status, order and comfort. Luxurious but not over the top destinations, will resonate well with their healthy sense of achievement.


The perfect holiday for them involves being surrounded by their friends. Aquarians might even neglect some of their standard requirements so that they can be in the company of their beloved friends. Planning a romantic get away with an Aqua? Do not be offended if they bring along a best friend and feel it is perfectly normal. Holidays are supposed to be fun after all and how can there be fun without a bosom buddy? They can spend hours by the pool or the bar as long as there are like-minded people around to have long discussions with about current world affair. To make an Aqua happy on a holiday, you have to provide enough mental stimulation and intelligent companionship. They are after mind thrills, not physical ones. As a whole they love fashionable, cosmopolitan destinations where they will be able to enjoy the latest trends and interact with progressive, cutting edge thinkers and hipsters. The more humanitarian and utopian Aquas will show their aversion to mainstream consumerism by going to spend the holidays with a green, self sustaining community in South Africa, or visiting political hot spots where they will feel they are being in the middle of current affairs.


Pisces needs regular restful holidays more that any other sign. They are the psychic sponges of the zodiac and the moods and inner states of the people they interact with every day, affects them deeply. Therefore they need to retreat more often and purge these influences. Peaceful, relaxed places suits this purpose the best. Why not even a meditation/yoga retreat in a scenic ashram. Our dreamy and romantic friends deserve a holiday resembling a fairy tale. They love escaping from reality so you can find them in places with idealistic and magical scenery that inspires long moments of awe and soul recharge. The isolated and fantasy-evoking Maldives will provide the setting for the so coveted transcendent states of joy and reflection to Pisces. This sign rules the seas and oceans. Their proximity heals and strengthens Pisces. They will feel extremely happy and enlivened after a coral reef dive or just the hearing the sound of the waves and getting lost in their own reveries. Pisces will really love and benefit from all water therapies. Exotic spas are ideal to take a dear one for a romantic get away.

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