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The Mystery of VIRGO: God’s most beloved Sign

The Mystery of VIRGO: God’s most beloved Sign

The Mystery of VIRGO: God’s most beloved Sign


Virgo has a bad rap in modern astrology, as picky, finicky, critical and neurotic. But in ancient times it was the most revered sign in the mystery schools. It was depicted as a pure angel with wings (not some sexy adult virgin as we tend to draw it now) and its was considered the first step to Higher consciousness for the striving Disciple.

All esoteric schools where initiates are prepared for communion with God (think development of astral travel, vision into higher dimensions which allows to access the past and future, ability to heal with energy and do “miracles” in a higher state of consciousness) start with a long period of SERVICE and PURIFICATION for the student: The quintessential energy of Virgo!

The Bogomils, an esoteric Christian community (similar to the Essenes) which was blooming on the Balkans in 900-1200 A.D. and later gave the impulses for the Renaissance in Europe, trained their young Disciples in 4 years to develop all these phenomenal skills. The first year was all about service and work: learning to be obedient to the teacher but mostly learning to find joy in any work their did without attachment to the result. (This is a pure Virgo principle)

The second year was about purifying the body: they would learn to limit their food intake and fast on bread and water a few times a week, remove all animal products and learn to enjoy the subtle taste of simple living foods. The ultimate goal by the end of this year was not just purification of the body, but the total subjugation of physical appetites to the will.

(All this is another Virgo quality: refining the coarse matter of the physical body and appetites through purification)

The third year they were trained to purify their minds and feelings: by first fostering aversions to any displays of Vanity, ornamentation for the sake of outer beauty, sexual impulses, etc.. by the end of the year they felt neutral and disconnected from all these things.

Again this is a Virgo quality: enjoying simplicity, purity of thoughts and feelings and neutrality to carnal desires, similar to children, Jesus also said that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if we do not become like children (their purity) and of course the other ancient symbol of Virgo is also the pre-pubescent child.

That 3rd year they had to learn to strive for perfection in the little daily actions, thoughts and feelings, which required constant self observation and correction at the start, until it became a natural state. (Ask any Virgo, they will tell you they do this daily, because they are on the path of the Disciple in this life, mostly unknowingly)

Only then after 3 years of intense Virgo training and purification, would the teacher start activating the supernatural abilities of the student!

The first 3 years had no glamor or miraculous mystical quality to them! For an outside observer they looked like the most boring and mundane life full of deprivation and work.

But that is exactly what is needed to prepare the soul and body for the ascent to Higher consciousness! Then just in the matter of a year they would learn all the “miraculous manifestations” and the students actually said it was the easiest part, the hardest being the Virgo trials years!

We no longer have mystery schools just for the chosen few, but God’s plan for this age is even better, because every person is now a student and discipline on the path of purification and reaching a state of communion with the Divine.

You would ask, how come? Most people are so lowly, buried in materialism with no intention or desire for lofty spiritual development! The beauty of the Divine plan is that you don’t need to consciously strive towards spiritual awakening to be making steps towards it!

Life nowadays is so set up that many are unconsciously threading of path of the Disciple and the Virgo purification at their own pace.

Think of the single mother, who has to work two jobs to survive, work like a donkey (like we say in Bulgaria) most of her life, not able to indulge in much pleasure, is that not the same as the preparation through selfless service the initiates have to pass?

Or the nurse, taking care of suffering people?

Or the countless people who are single for prolonged periods of time, who feel deprived of sexual intimacy: is that not similar to the Disciple’s path of purification of the passions of the body?! Sure, it might not be by choice but by Divine providence but it has the same effect for the glorious path of the soul!

Or the countless people with allergies and health problems now, who have to simplify and purify their diet or else they suffer so much! It is the same as the disciples who did this on purpose...

Life is our Esoteric training in the current age... we are dragged kicking and screaming on the path of Virgo initiation of the body and soul through service and purification...

So when you are buried in grueling work or health issues, don’t curse your fate but revel in the fact that you have been chosen to be prepared for the ultimate prize! This is God’s blessing for you!

I still remember the message of a departed soul from the other side to her still incarnated suffering daughter. The daughter asked her mother (through a medium) why her life was so hard: her husband died leaving her to take care of 3 small children and she had to spend years working with no respite!

The wise departed mother answered her: if it was not for the grace of the incessant work and service she had to do to raise her children, she would have spiraled into many carnal, soul tarnishing activities which would take a few life times to clean up karmically.

So next time you feel like bemoaning your fate ( especially if connected to all these Virgo things: hard work, poverty, health issues, singlehood, relationship matters) just think for a second that maybe this is God’s blessing for your soul...

Those of us who have planets in Virgo or in the 6th house are passing an especially intense preparation for spiritual awakening and all these Virgo purification trials I wrote about, are more obvious and sped up for them!

(I would include also people who have trans-Pluto (still undiscovered planet) whose position can be only deduced mathematically because of gravity, this is a planet which astrology researchers have found to have the exact qualities of Virgo, so in the near future we will likely have a new ruler for Virgo just like we have for Scorpio and Pisces). This planet was in Leo for most of the 20th century, so most of us born then would have it in Leo, so if you have strong Leo positions in your horoscope (like I have my Leo Moon conjunct trans-Pluto,) you might as well be on an accelerated path of Discipleship through purification and self Perfection: the Divine Virgin!! Currently in this century Transpluto is in Virgo, its own sign so the processes of purification are sped up...

If you would like to hear a very different and unique perspective about Virgo, check out my 6 hour lecture on everything Virgo: it includes planets in Virgo, Houses in Virgo, the 12 life areas and fate of Virgo, etc. ($49)

Or you can order the whole 60 hour course on all 12 signs and you will master their deep mystery!

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