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The Critical 0 Degree in Astrology! New Karma!

The Critical 0 Degree in Astrology! New Karma!

There are critical degrees in the zodiac. The last-29th and the first-0 degree of each sign are given very special meaning and power. Planets situated there will act with a tinge of extremes and respectively the area of the person's life, ruled by this planet, will have a more unusual and charged up manifestation. In this article I look in depth at the 0 degree planets (I have already covered the 29th degree). You can find out, if you have any planets at the critical 0 degree by going to the birth chart calculator, entering your birth details, and once you generate the chart, scroll to the Planetary Detail Table and check all the planets there--if you have any in the 0 to 1 degree of a sign, this article is for you! I will explain later the specific meaning of each planet in 0 degrees.

Planets at the 0 degree of a sign, indicate that you are starting a new beginning with the energy and earthly life manifestations of this planet. You have completed a cycle of reincarnations and experiences with it, and now you are given a new impetus, a new lifeline in this direction, a clean slate, so to speak, to explore other totally new and fascinating aspects of this planet.

For example, someone with Venus in 0 degrees of a sign, is incarnated in this life to start all over again in relationships--of course on a higher level than the previous cycle and lessons. In a number of incarnations, starting from the current one, the person will be exploring a newer stream of relationships and social norms of interactions and even be the initiator of such in this life. Maybe in a number of past lives, the person was incarnated in a society with arranged marriages, and now, born with 0 degree venus, they are having their first taste of relationships for love-wow, what an impression this will make! How different and novel their experiences will be! How highlighted and vivid their Venus! Or maybe in a number of lives, they had a difficult karma of lack of luxuries and sweet pleasures of life (matters ruled by Venus), now they are born with a 0 degree Venus and they are starting a new Venus cycle--able to taste these sensual delights. Or maybe the opposite-after a number of lives of exuberant sensual delights and polygamy, the person is entering a phase of incarnations during which they will be deprived from such or the ability to enjoy them in order to learn temperance. The possibilities are endless and depend of the house, sign and aspects of that Venus. So you are starting a new Journey with this planet--you are bringing a very open minded and clean slate attitude-anything goes!

The 0 degree of ant sign reminds me of the Fool Tarot card-starting excitedly on a new adventure, looking ahead to the fast vistas, but forgetting to look at its feet, where a chasm is approaching. Such planets and whatever they represent in life are full of youthful vigour, visionary ideas and enthusiasm but in all this excitement might miss many details and trip quite a few times, before they get it right. Their enthusiasm will be infectious, but at the same time missing substance and experience behind. It will be more idealistic, but less realistic. But sometimes this is exactly the energy and people we need-the one's that can excite us youthfully with ideals. Still planets at the 0 degree will have a tinge of recklessness and dare devil attitude, smashing through traditions and old ways of doing things. Henry the VIII has Venus at 0 degrees-he surely did not listen to anyone when it come to marital advice and broke the mould of existing marriage rules. Unfortunately just like many 0 degree people, he went to an extreme (just like it is hard to regulate the moods and behaviours of a baby) and allowed this energy to run rampant-killing left and right his wives! We can be very enthusiastic and visionary with that planet, and have a rebellious attitude of " I will do what I want".

They bring powerful new impulses and break through innovative approaches to that field! Just think of Madonna with her Venus at 0 degrees of Leo-Venus rules music and entertainment, and she surely innovated this field, challenged the boundaries of social propriety and female sexuality (Venus). Or Enzo Ferrari with Venus at 0 degrees Pisces, creates such a novel and unique vehicle (cars are rules by Venus). The Downside if that people with planets on the 0 degree also carry inexperience and unregulated impulse with this planet, which can create extreme manifestations, complications and mistakes, falling down and having to get up quite a few times until we get it right! Again Madonna and Henri the 8th would be good example how the youthful energy of 0 degree Venus can create troubles in love and have such an also exaggerated influence in their life. Napoleon and Hitler had Sun at 0 degrees.

The Sun is the planet of leadership and kingship. Indeed it made up powerful leaders, with totally new and even revolutionary ideas and vision. They were extremely charismatic leaders, who rallied whole nations behind them with their unending enthusiasm. But both fell from grace after they failed at reigning in their extreme impulses for power, that ran rampant. Or Ayrton Senna, the Formula one Driver with Sun at 0 degrees Aries, who drove with unseen before spunk and courage (Aries), challenging the norms of driving, going to extremes, without consideration of safety, which lead to his untimely demise. But his driving style remains legendary! Like many people with 0 degree planets-at least on a local level! Unlike 29 degree planet people, who have the wisdom of experience, old traditions and the culmination of long preparation of efforts, the 0 degree planet people are like impatient but idealistic youth, who can entice others after then, break moulds, but also create a lot of chaos in that area of life without tested practice. Having planets there is double edged knife, but surely such planets really become prominent in the life of the person and even make them famous in some way-by being extreme, an rule breaker, bringing innovations, unique ideas, exciting and novel experiences, breaking the boundaries, child like enthusiasm, idealism, a level of fame, brilliance or notoriety, rampant but difficult to control energy, many falls and starting over again, dare devil attitude, complications due to rushing or lack of common sense in regards to: Ascendant-your physical appearance, racial and cultural belonging(usually means an incarnation in a totally new social environment and race), your whole life, karma and path are unique and correspond to the new energy. A New beginning overall! A fresh start!

Sun - career, goals, mission in life, vocation, centre stage roles and positions, ruling, leadership, creative ideas politics.

Moon - colourful personality, imagination and intuition,music, family, property, motherhood, parenthood, being a typical wife, personal life, traditional norms, emotional depth. (J R. R Tolkien) (Ivana Trump)

Mercury - speaking, writing, skills, arts and crafts, communications, contacts, social connections, media, marketing, business, administration, planning, organising (Cristian Lacroix, James Joyce) Venus- Relationships, social etiquette, entertainment, music, design, vehicles, women, luxuries, pleasures, charm, magnetism, attractiveness.

Mars - will power, initiative, enterprise, competition, confrontation, war, strategy, investigation, sports, enthusiasm, sex, physical looks, innovating, engineering, (Lady Gaga, Thomas Edison, Larry King, J Edgar Hoover)

Jupiter - handling of wealth, ideals, believes, meaning of life, children, foreign places, exploration and mind expansion, adventure, the husband-in a woman's horoscope (Francois Mitterand, David Icke, Hillary Clinton)

Saturn - structures, governments, established rules and institutions, security, safety, older people, authority, hard work, working class, poverty, psychological complexes, self control, placing boundaries science (Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Hoffman)

Uranus - inventions, new technologies, progressive or social movements, innovations, breaking the mould, unconventional new ideas, si-fi, science, humanism and social issues, futurism, politics

Neptune- alternative methods, fantasy, imagination, creativity, spirituality, spinning the truth, advertising, glamour, healing, compassion, extra sensitivity

Pluto - psychology, exploration, manipulation, power, control, healing, magnetism, psychological influence or penetration, secrets, the treasures of the earth, the underworld, transformations, crisis.

You are welcome to send me your birth details to analyse your positions with 0 degrees as an answer to one question, from this link:

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