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Jupiter matures at 16 years of age, the Sun at 21, the Moon at 24, Venus at 25, Mars at 28, Mercury at 32, Saturn at 36, Rahu at 42 and Ketu at 48.

Maturation Ages of the Planets

Maturation Ages of the Planets

Jupiter matures at 16 years of age, the Sun at 21, the Moon at 24, Venus at 25, Mars at 28, Mercury at 32, Saturn at 36, Rahu at 42 and Ketu at 48. These are thus very important times in life when significant events connected to these planets happen.

While a planet is still not mature, it cannot give its full potential.

Jupiter rules one’s ability to procreate and have children, at around the 16th year of life, the female body becomes mature enough to be able to bear children. Jupiter also rules one’s belief system. Around the age of 15-16, one forms their most enduring belief system-one is mature enough to be able to have their own understanding and meaning about reality—this is a very important period for one’s outlook on life and finding their own truth and meaning.

The Sun in the horoscope carries the energy of the number one-this is the reason that most cultures consider the age of 21 as when one becomes fully independent. From this age a human being can create their reputation and make a mark on the world, unfold their creative intelligence—all things ruled by the Sun. Bug changes in regards to independence, career choices and talents happen around that age.


The Moon matures at the age of 24-this is when one gains emotional maturity and the complete measure of their emotional intelligence.

Venus matures from the 24th till the 25th year, at that time important relationship developments happen, depending on the strength of one’s natal Venus-if Venus is good-one can meet their important partner, or not one can have a big relationship lesson. This is when we are mature enough to have an equal one to one relationship.

Mars matures from the 27th till the 28th year-before one is not as enterprising and does not know how to control and direct their will power fullu. People with a difficult Mars in their horoscope might undergo some serious accident, stress or sudden reversals in life-it is not my chance that so many young people can pass away exactly from 27 till 28-club 27 as they call it. This is when Mars can give its extreme manifestations-rash actions, daredevil behaviours, accidents, etc. But people with a good Mars in the horoscope, tend to have a big activation of their will around that age and do some important initiative.

Mercury matures from 31 till 32 years of age-this is an age when one gains new skills, manifests their ability to manage, organize, plan, do admin, communicate, market, write, speak. Usually some important change with friends or siblings also happen around that time. Exactly at this age, I created my business(Mercury) an had to do all these Mercury things-manage, organize, plan, media, writing, etc.

Saturn matures from 35th till 36th year. Usually at this age some important Saturn lessons comes our way—about endurance, perseverance, overcoming suffering, taking extra responsibilities, paying off some karmic debt, completing some hard karma. This is the age when one becomes properly an adult, before that one is still in their youth. Saturn’s maturation time can unlock blocked areas of one’s life—such connected to the house Saturn is in the birth chart. But usually some serious maturation process happens around the 35th year.

Rahu - the north node of the Moon matures at the 41st-42nd year of life. Usually some big turn around happens in the life area of Rahu’s house positon. Usually the first 41 years of life, Rahu’s house shows a place of big ups and downs and because Rahu is a very excitable, chaotic and desirous planet, which we cannot fully control before 41-42 and we experience a bit of a roller coaster ride in that area of life. But by 42 Rahu matures and we are able to control the crazy Rahu energy better. For example if Rahu is your 7th house by birth, then around the 41-42 year of your life, you might experience a change of marriage, a new important relationship, a calming down of passions in relationships and being able to make better relationship choices. Always around that age of Rahu's maturation one becomes progressive and open for new options in life and make a 180 degrees turns in different areas.

Ketu - the south node of the Moon matures at the age of 47-48. This is when we can balance the house of Ketu and get better manifestations in that area of life. We learn how to be more detached and accept God’s will (Ketu) and how to let go of expectations in certain areas of our life(where Ketu is). This way only, can one get manifestation of the area of life Ketu affects in your life—only through learning to let go and let God. To stop caring if we have it, only then we can get it.

This is an age when we are asked to let go of something, to experience some loss, though which we learn detachments. Spirituality and spiritual realisations can also develop in big leaps during this age.

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