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With another failed relationship under his belt, Leonardo Di Caprio has again drawn attention to himself in the role of a heart breaker. If any of you have grown up with his movies like The Beach and Titanic you would probably have followed his glamorous love life wondering which long legged model would finally be able to seal the deal! Let us look at his astrology and see what makes him tick.

Di Caprio's Love Life

Di Caprio's Love Life


First of all you will notice that out of the 7 visible planets(Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) 5 are placed in Earth houses. His Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses.(indicated with roman numerals) In astrology there are three pairs of houses: 1st, 5th and 9th -the fire(inspiration) houses, which when full of planets(having 4 or more of the 7 visible planets) make the person much more of an idealist, following his inspiration and bliss and often having such strong conviction, will power and self belief that they reach most of their goals. The Air (desire)Houses: 3rd, 7th and 11th which when busy with planets, indicate a person engaged with social, relationship, communicative and intellectual pursuits, externally focused—on others or outer desires and circumstances, curious. The Water(emotion) Houses: 4th, 8th and 12th when having the majority of the visible planets(4 or more) describe someow who is much more psychologically and inwardly centered: on feelings, subconscious motives, subjective issues, imagination, etc When 4 or more planets activate the Earth(career) houses, like in Leo’s case, one becomes primarily motivated by work and practical matters. I have often seen such people become workaholics.

But one thing is clear: work responsibilities and career duties will be his major focus. Any woman who wants him to put her first, might feel disappointed. And apparently his last break up was due to a busy work schedule. But having said that, once Leo has a family, which becomes part of his duties and responsibilities, he will be exceptionally devoted and a great provider for the needs of his loved ones. People with most planets in the Earth houses(2nd, 6th, 10th) are usually very responsible for all practical matters. Indeed, once I was, by chance, having dinner with Di Caprio +10 more people, half of whom, gorgeous models. Just when things were starting to get interesting and the girls were getting wilder, Leo got up to leave. One of the ladies, put her leg in front of him and said: “You are staying here with me!” He smiled gently and said: “You are very cute, I would love to stay, but I need to be rested for work tomorrow.” So ladies, never make Leo choose between his responsibilities and you! You are warned!


So, his career will usually come first. But you would say, that there are many work devoted people, who have committed, long term relationships. Indeed, one of the main reason’s Leo is hard to keep in the long run, is his somehow damaged capacity for relationships. In my “Male Relationship Capacity” report he comes up with more than 3 different impeding psychological factors regarding his ability to be happy in a long term relationship. If you have seen my tutorial on Male Capacity for Dating, you will remember that when a man has malefic planets with the Sun or the Ascendant(his self-esteem, consistency, self image and path in life) or in the 10th house from the Sun or Ascendant—which shows his ability to take the right actions due to being clear about where he is headed, in that case he will have difficulty staying happy in any relationship for a long time, because he has quite a few own issues to sort out first. In Leo’s Case: he has Mars—a harsh planet, with the Sun and Saturn-even harsher planet in the 10th house from Ascendant. Also he has a waning malefic Moon in the Ascendant. 3 negative factors already. Benefic planets in these positions can offset those negative effects, and Leo Has Venus with the Sun, so 1 good versus 3 hard positions.

He would not be recommended to marry or settle down before mid age, because he needs to figure a lot of issues within himself first. Only maturity can mellow such man and make him more content in a relationship, the older Leo gets the more he will be able to take the right actions towards his relationships, his 40-ties should prove more positive for settling. What kind of women does Leo like? Well, His 7th house lord(relationships)—Mars is with Venus and the Sun. First of all, he will like Mars type women: independent, strong, feisty, athletic, passionate but also very beautiful(Venus), famous and glamorous (Sun). But whenever you see a man with a cobust Venus (close to the Sun within 8-9 degrees), it indicates that this person will have multiple relationships or agitated love life.

Any planet in proximity to the Sun is considered burnt and agitated: in his case both Venus which rules women and Mars which rules his 7th house of relationship are both next to the Sun, hence problematic and a source of agitation. Planets which are burnt by the Sun are overpowered by it, because nothing can withstand the rays of King Sun. Sun signnifies the career, goals and path of life for the person, so Di Caprio will always place first his goals, career(repeat of this theme) and whatever his path is, before relationships. Interestingly enough the Sun rules his 11th house of friendships so he can sacrifice some relationships because they do not fit in with his social environment and friends! If you would like to check your own capacity for happy partnerships and how to work through problems there or if you have your eyes on someone and are wondering if he/she is worth putting all the effort into, then check the relationship capacity here: For males: For females:

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