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Venus and the 2nd house are the money indicators in your Horoscope. Find out how to read them and see the best and most profitable sources of income for you in this lifetime. 

What You Can Make Money From. Astrology Indications

What You Can Make Money From. Astrology Indications

Venus indicates money and material profitability. Checking the aspects of Venus with other planets will show you what is the best way for you to make money.

Conjunctions to Venus are the most powerful indicators. Having Venus close within 8-9 degrees of a planet is preferable but even when Venus is in the same sign as a planet it makes this planet a money indicator.

Trines (120 degrees) aspects to Venus will also show you areas of making money in an easy way--almost without effort.

Sextiles(60 degrees) and oppositions (180 degrees) can also indicate areas of financial increase, but they requite more effort on your part. The opposition aspect will usually indicate partering with someone.

The remaining aspects - the Square (90 degrees) and inconjunction (150 degrees) are problematic and usually lead to stress, and even loss.

The following are possible money-making fields when Venus is aspecting with the other planets.


Venus with the Sun: money through all forms of entertaiment, leisure, government or management, leadership positions, speculation, gambling, children, hobbies and the arts.

Venus with the Moon: money through housing, real estate, food, cooking, catering, restauranting, collecting, preserving, restoration, historians, advertisers and business people in general

Venus with Mercury(this is a common aspect): money through writing, speaking, teaching, media, computers, local transport or delivery, clerical work, analysis, organization, diet, exercise, health, handcrafts, and most common types of labors or services.

Venus with Mars: money through invention, engineering, machines, initiative, and enterprise. Boxers, fighters, sports and athletics, police work, military, cutters, metal and fire workers, doctors, optometrists, clothes makers, sound experts, actors, performers, dancer, drivers, etc.

Venus with Jupiter: this is a very fortunate and lucrative combination. Jupiter is in fact the other money planet in astrology as it rules abundance and extravagance. Together they can bring much wealth or fortune especially in areas such as travel, import and export, international trade, publication, teaching, ambassadorship, and matters of faith.

Venus with Saturn: money through organization, systemization, procedure, control, economy, discipline, and hard work; constuction, builders, cement work, doors, roofers, shelving, grounding, foundation work, timing, clock or watchmaking, jewelers, industry, buisiness, and government work in general

Venus with Uranus: money through modern or innovative fields such as TV and electronics, scientific research and application, invention, flying or aeronautics, astronomy, astrology, friends, and humanitarian groups and associations.

Venus with Neptune: money through film, photography, acting, dancing, music, the arts in general, charity work, welfare, institutions, psychiatry, hospital work, liquor, drugs and pharmaceuticals, painting, perfume, footwear, seas, petrol, gasses, plastis, glamour industry

Venus with Pluto: money through research, investment, politics, big business, investigation, crime and police work, doctoring, biology, surgery, hypnosis, sex work, nuclear physics, healing, occultism, regeneration, rehabilitation, etc.

Venus with the Ascendant: money through the power of one's own looks or personality such as acting or modeling, as well as counseling, mediating, negotiating, any form of partnering or social work, and the art and beauty fields or working directly with money.

Venus with the Midheaven: money through government or public work where the native will be under the watchful eye of others. If you know how to check the planets making the closest aspect to your 2nd house cusp, read their signification above too.

If you know how to check the planets making the closest aspect to your 2nd house cusp, read their signification above too. These in my opinion are the most pontent indicators, more so than the aspects to Venus.

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