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In this article we look at the Influence of Saturn's transit to one's career houses. What you can expect and how to maneuvre these periods. 

Peaks and Lows in Your Career

Peaks and Lows in Your Career

This can happen when Saturn transits your Midheaven, 6th or 2nd houses(career/work/money houses).

Many astrologers frown when they see this impending transit, predicting delays, setbacks or losses in your career/material success, but this is just half the story, and a shortsighted one at that!

Saturn is the planet of Karmic Pay off-you get what you deserve-if you have been working both hard and smart for a long time, Saturn can bring substantial rewards.

If you are doing a shoddy job, however, you will be held accountable. If your foundation in that vocation or social position is not firm enough, you will be asked to rebuild.

I am having this transit now and I am rebuilding all my website to be faster and more efficient, as it is working at very low capacity now. Someone else might get fired or made redundant in this period, this is Fate's way of telling you that you have not been putting your best performance and dedication over the years, maybe because this field is not meant for you, or maybe because you've been slacking off.

Saturn's transits to career houses represent times when performance demands are high and there are obstacles to overcome. At the same time we are often given a chance to prove ourselves and show our capabilities in more challenging work environment.
The level of maturity and life experiences we've accumulated, can land us a position of considerably more responsibility then!

Saturn transits through the Money, Career and Work houses(all are interconnected) in the horoscope, are periods of focusing on bottom line and long-range plans. A 2.5 year of Saturn transit through a career houses, often entails a temporary sacrifice for a long term goal in these areas.

For example: Saturn transiting the 2nd house of finances, might demand tightening of the belt, because you are investing money/resources in something, which will bring you long term returns(education, business, property, etc).
But if you have been irresponsible, then this 2.5 year period will be like a reprimand from the Big G, who stops your "allowance", so you learn how to value and manage better your resources.

Saturn transiting/aspecting the 6th house of service, will require you to work hard for 2-3 years, for example: you might be given the duties of 2 people instead of one, because of downsizing or increased demands. But good work ethic and strong skills can make you irreplaceable.
Poor time management, out of date skills, inefficient routines at work, will be scrutinised over a looking glass, and if found lacking, you will be forced to adapt or seek a new direction!

Saturn transiting your 10th house of Vocation and Authority- once you demonstrate your extensive skill set and abilities, you can get a promotion, which is accompanies by extra duties, and spend the next couple of years, getting used to the new responsibilities.

But if you are in the wrong field, do not have the ambition and drive to succeed there or to persevere, despite challenges, then it will become unbearable to stay in the same place/career path, usually through a very oppressive or demanding boss or outer pressure. If you are your own boss, then this period will test you and if you are up to standards, will bring you rewards(more social status, authority, etc) after the extra responsibilities.

To find out if have Saturn transits to your career houses(2nd, 6th, 10th) sometime in the next 3 years, you can check your transits from my birth chart calculator. Enter your time of birth, place, etc, and once you have the charts, scroll till you find a list of your PERSONAL TRANSITS for the next 3 years.

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