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Do you want to learn some ancient esoteric secrets about our solar system and astrology? Then open your mind and read up, because the time has come for it to be known.

The Hidden Astrology Lore

The Hidden Astrology Lore

If your mind is more scientific and skeptical then just take the following article as an ancient legend or an interesting story, but for the more mystically inclined of you, I will reveal what is considered esoteric lore of high order, given only to the esoteric student of ancient and present mystery schools. Whether you believe it or not is left to your own intuition to judge. This is the lore coming from the myths of Sabaism: the culture of the stars worshippers: the Ancient Chaldeans to whom Master Saabei brought the knowledge of astrology dating back to the great cultures of pre-diluvian times- when the face of the Earth looked very different. Long ago our Solar system was created perfect: there were 12 planets in it-each one manifested from the emanations of the 12 different constellations which were giving the creative impulses. We know of 9 planets nowadays, but according to the ancient annals, there was one planet between the Sun and Mercury called Vulcan, one between Mars and Jupiter called Phaeton-where today there is only a gap-the asteroid belt, and one was beyond Pluto called Xano(Hano).

Their orbits were all perfectly circular(not ellipticl like today), they were all moving in the same ecliptic and all were spinning perpendicularly to the Solar Ecliptic, while now almost all planets have an axis—Uranus for example is spinning almost lying down at an 87 degrees slant, the Earth at 23, etc. It was perfection, as God intended it and did it. As it says in the old Books, Earth was like a heavenly Garden and life was perfectly balanced. And indeed, if the Earth’s axis was straight, it would be always Spring all over the surface with a constant 25 degrees temperature, even at the polar caps. All was harmony in our Solar system and at home! Alas, Paradise would be lost! A Dark Sun appeared into our solar System and Dark Suns were not of the Divine Order—they obeyed Chaos and brought Chaos-they were the workers of the Demonic powers. (as I said take this as a story only...but could this be a black hole according to modern physics? Or the Dark stellar sister of our Sun: Nibiru that so many ancient mythologies talk about?) This Dark Sun, with its random path, veered into the Solar system and destroyed one of the 12 planets in it: Phaeton which was between Jupiter and Mars, where according to physical laws, there should be a planet, because each planet is situated at a specific distance from the Sun which is not random but obeys mathematical principles of geometrical progression. When the planet Phaeton was annihilated it fell apart into the myriads of little asteroids now circling between Mars and Jupiter.

Asteroid Belt

But this violent intrusion of the Dark Sun in our Solar system, brought with it imperfection everywhere: many planets were knocked off their perfectly circular orbits into very exaggerated and elongated ellipses. Others were tilted and Earth was one of these-she got her 23 degrees axis tilt and the perfect conditions were lost: the seasons appeared, coldness, hunger, extremes, no more abundance! Adam and Eve were thrown out of the “Garden of Eden” –the land of eternal Spring! Evil and sin appeared! Some of the planets' orbits and tilts were severely affected: like that of Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and a little Mercury. For Example Pluto has very unusual obrit around the Sun. See picture:

Pluto Orbit

while Uranus is rolling on one side almost!


Those most affected planets took into themselves the imperfect energies and parameters from the Dark Sun and became the Malefics, which harm and stress us with their transits in astrology. While some of the planets kept more perfect parameters: for example Venus and Neptune have an almost perpendicular rotation with barely a tilt, so they kept having their original beneficial influences before the cataclysm and came to be in known in astrology as the Benefics which make us feel happy and give us abundance and opportunities. According to the ancient lore, Vulcan was and still is the planet with the most perfect movement, but if we are to believe this, it means that Scientists are still to discover this planet, even though in 1978, during specific observational conditions,astronomers around the wrold reported to have observed such a planet. But these conditions appear very rarely due to the high luminosity of the Sun and the fact that this planet is so close to it. According to old annals, this planet ruled (s) the sign Leo(not the Sun like we know), and because it is never further than 2 or 3 degrees from the Sun, in modren astrology we think the position of the Sun gives these characteristics, while in reality it is Vulcan. The Sun is not a planet, it gathers the influences from the constellations and redistributes their rays to the 12 planets—it is the God Head/Energy Tranformer and Regulator of our Solar system, but it does not rule a sign—it is created by all 12 signs’ influence and it emits their vibrations to the rest of the solar system. Which makes a lot of sense of you think about it!


Vulcan according to the hidden lore, gives the highest impulses and ideals, makes the most attractive and special people: therefore nowadays astrologer say that a strong Sun in the horoscope can overturn many other negative planets. For example people born during Sunrise will often be very special, full of presence, intelligent and even good looking, but according to Sabaism, it is so, because of the influence of Vulcan and not the Sun. Venus and Neptune, the two other planets with more preserved Divine order, rule love, harmony, beauty, kindness, gentleness, mercy. Venus is the lower more human octave of love, expressed in pleasures, beautiful and pleasing to the senses art, relationships, while Neptune is the higher octave of love: the Divine such, which forgives all and is unconditional. Its art and beauty is poetic and spiritual, not of the senses. Phaeton used to rule Virgo, but after its destruction, it broke into many asteroids, the major of which like Ceres, Demetra, etc, modern astrologers give Virgo symbolism and rulership. Unfortunately some of these broken pieces, according to occult knowledge are the astrological influences behind gross human gene mutations at birth: due to the extremely damaged nature of the celestial pieces. Pluto is the other most damaged planet due to its erractic orbit which is the reason it brings the biggest fears, psychological complexes, emotional traumas, abuse and addictions. Uranus is next and it is the causer of fast and sudden mutation of the cells which can cause Cancer(especially if you have Uranus in a hard aspect with your Moon). Pluto can do this too, but more slowly. Saturn is next, and it is the planet of depression, restriction, sadness, testing and obstacles-it makes a person more cold. Mars is now the planet of anger and war, but before the big cataclysm, according to mystery schools, it was the planet which makes one want to protect the weaker and take action for the all rather the self, like it is now. Mercury's orbit is more elliptic than others, so when is Mercury strong in the birth chart, it can often make people more material, calculating and overly practical—it rules business and trading— but it is not so bad because these are qualities which are also beneficial and necessary, when in balance. Well, we are almost at the end of our story. How will we know if it is true? Maybe, if soon scientist discover one more planet between Mercury and Sun and one after Pluto(which they already have —Xena and they have called it very similar to what the ancients called it-Xano(Hano) which is supposed to rule Taurus and give great longevity, inhuman strength and vitality and has not been afflicted by the Dark star.


That is the reason astrologers say the Taurus born people are very sturdy, beautiful and vital people. Just think about it: Taurus is the time of the year in the North Hemisphere when nature is at its most abundant and verdant, just like the people born then. This planet is supposed to give great height, long life, positive attitide and love for life, nurturing tendencies, just like Taurus does, when strong in the horoscope, but we still have no idea where it is situated and how to see where in the horoscope it falls. We only know that Xena's orbit is the longest of all: 500 years to make a full circle around the Sun. Come to think about it, Human history develops in big chunks of 500 year periods. After each such it jumps to a higher level of expression, as long as one Xena/Xano year! And last but not least according to these arcane secrets, the Dark star returns periodically into our Soler system, with it Judgment day comes once every few thousand years, sometimes softer, sometimes almost annihilating for the humans on Earth. Sometimes by Fire(Vulcanos erupting, space debris hitting) sometime by Water(big deluges caused by the gravitational pull of the Dark star.) The next such passing is foretold to be very soon. (muahahahaha) I will let you muse on this cosmic story of creation, maybe your inituition will tell you if it is true!

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