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What does each planet rule in life and what does its ancient symbol reveal about its influences? Every aspiring student of the occult and astrology should know the deeper meaning of these symbols and how they were derived.

Planetary Influences and Symbols

Planetary Influences and Symbols

The symbols which ancient mystery schools have given to the planets are deeply meaningful. They say that each planet is connected to beings with different consciousness. These being are in a spiritual realm, not physical because only the Earth has psychically incarnated souls. These other beings connected to the the different planetary realms are streaming their spiritual influences to us, in accordance with the level of their consciousness, via the respective physical planet. First of all there are three basic symbols used to describe the 3 most important points of the horoscope: the Sun, Moon and Ascendant(Earth).

The circle,Circle 

which indicates Sun is the universal symbol of Spirit-the most Divine, pure and fundamental essence which creates everything-it is the One and All-God. This is Super consciousness. It is the most powerful and positive planers in astrology—with the most organized and evolved energies hence the higher and most evolved Divine beings affect us from this realm. A strong Sun in the horoscope-for example, someone born during sunrise with good aspects, makes the most noticeable, inspired and intelligent people who have direct Divine potection, Light and highest order in their life.

Then is the Half circle which is the symbol of the Moon Moon is representative of the individual Soul and consciousness, while the circle is the Spirit connecting all the separate souls into One.The Crescent is connected to the angelic realms and the individual human soul. And lastly is the cross: the symbol of planet Earth: the disorganized and crude matter of the material world. It is the raw and most unrefined element, which needs to be spiritualized in order to evolve. Now from these three basic symbols all the other planets' are derived.

Mercury is composed of the half circle sitting on top of the circle, on top of the cross,Mercury this means that the mind(crescent) is ruling the Divine impulse(circle) and trying to organize matter(cross). The individual consciousness in put above the Divine one, so using Mercury-reason, often creates mistakes—it is not the ultimate truth, but it can still be used to manage and rule over the lower impulses and matter. Hence the neutral nature of Mercury: human reason can be used for good or bad, but it is ultimately a tool for management, organizing and sorting things out! People with a strong mercury in the charts are very good business people, managers, practical organizers and skillful rulers of matter, but usually for more personal reasons than universal.

For Venus Venus Spirit(Circle) rules over matter(Cross), hence Venus realm beings (they do not live on Venus, but are energetically connected to Venus realm and the influence of Venus delivers to us their vibrations) are highly evolved, they have use divine wisdom to organize their world(spiritual dimension) and have full control over matter and their lower nature. Love is the higher manifestation of Spirit so Venus rules love in our life. We are all united into one via love.People with a strong venus in the horoscope are favoured by life because they have overcome the lower impulses and crude tendencies so the whole Universe smiles on them with gifts and divine help.

For Mars we have the opposite Mars the arrow on the top, is in fact a cross.The energies and beings connected to the Mars realm are such, which put disorganized matter before Divine Spirit-so the lower is above the Higher. They stimulate the lower animalistic energies in humans: sexual desires, gluttony, fondness for unnatural and unhealthy foods and substances(drinking , smoking, etc) and going after one’s desires with no consideration for higher principles or order. Mars is the planet of the animal world, in which the matter rules and spirit is not yet conscious. Hence Mars is considered to be a malefic planet in astrology and if not aspected by the more evolved planets-Sun, Jupiter, Neptune or Venus, it brings disorder, uncleanliness and powerlessness over one’s lower nature and negative impulses.

Jupiter Jupiter is mind(crescent) rising slightly above matter(cross). So the beings of this Realm have gained control over the cruder matter and have subdued their lower nature(the cross) to the mind and soul.The Angelic realms are strongly connected to the influence of this planet, hence it is a highly auspicious planet. It rules wisdom, morality and higher knowledge in astrology, because indeed the mind and soul is rising above the lower nature. People with a strong and positive Jupiter in their horoscope tend to become law makers, teachers, Gurus, advisers, leaders who help others put order and meaning in their lives. The beings of this realm are said to bring us inspiration, optimism and faith to resolve our material and worldly matters(the cross) with ease.

Saturn It is easy to see why Saturn is considered a malefic planet. In its symbol the cross of the unspiritualized matter is above the half circle of the human mind. Negativity, depression and feeling of disconnection is the usually effect of Saturn, because the beings from the Saturn realm have highly materialistic consciousness and are affecting us in the same direction: to feel like we are all separate, to disorganize our minds and bring darkness there. Actually, God uses even the negative for growth and positive ends, hence Saturn in astrology is said to be the most effective teacher: it brings us lessons the hard way: through the material difficulties and obstacle we have to solve and endure, thus making us more mature and self sufficient. It always first gives the obstacles and the consequences of our unwise actions become visible, while, Jupiter influence is the opposite-it gives the wisdom and opportunities to sort out problems even before they appear.

Uranus is indicated by two half circles, a cross and a circle below:Uranus The mind/soul symbol-the crescent, is doubly enfolding matter, so the entities and beings(or if you do not believe in this, the energies coming from Uranus) are doubly more intelligent and evolved spiritually than those from Jupiter realm, hence Uranus is the planet of geniuses and big reformers. Uranus wants to stimulate us to use our mind and inspiration to radically transform and uplift the disorganized matter and life on Earth. Matter is enclosed by the mind from two sides. Therefore people with a strong Uranus have very fast and brilliant minds which can pick up very radical and innovative ideas from the higher realms in flashes of inspiration-it is more of intuitive lightning-like intelligence than rational such. But because Spirit is below matter(circle below the cross), it means that the Divine principles of love and unity might be still trampled on, in the favor of intelligence, technology or social reform. Hence the highly evolved mind of Uranus people can be used for either good or evil. Uranus energies strong in the horoscope make the so called “Indigo children”, whose aura is purple or indigo: they are very bright, fast, intuitive, fluent with high technology from early on, and cannot stand untruthfulness or lie. They are the great re-organizers and reformers of society, giving new impulses and brilliant ideas (technical or social) for advance of humanity and matter.But their genius can be used for destructive purposes too, because Spirit(Circle) is not the leading energy.

Neptune Neptuneis similar to Jupiter—mind/soul(crescent)over matter(cross), but in this case it is even more so because the soul has fully subdued the matter, the crescent is not just slightly raised above the cross. It is a total transcendence. Neptune is affiliated with the higher Angelic hierarchies-those of the Seraphims (Jupiter is connected with the lower angelic hierarchies), these are the angels of Unconditional love and they inspire humanity towards compassion, charity, sacrifice and devotion in the name of love and higher ideals. Divine love has subsumed and refined fully matter, and is inspiring the mind to organize matter in the most beautiful and refined forms, hence Neptune is the most artistic planet: poetry, mysticism, the most elevated music and art are ruled by it. People with a strong and good Neptune are loving and kind like angels, gentle and soulful like the great romantics, giving and charitable like saints. Occult schools know that many souls with strong Neptune influences(coming from the Neptune realms) are currently incarnating on Earth and are the so called Crystal Children-they have lavender aura and are here to teach us Divine love, compassion and to harmonize and heal the disorganized matter. And lastly Pluto. There are two symbols for Pluto, one is the circle with two crosses on top of each other, which indicates that Pluto has a double negative influence equal to that of Mars and Saturn together, and anyone who has gone through a Pluto transit will tell you about the dark obsessions, fears, pain and paranoia which take a grip over one’s life then! So the chaos and darkness is double in Pluto, hence it is the God of the Underworld. When strong in the horoscope and with negative aspects it can indicate a life full of crisis, abuse, difficulties and extreme conditions.

But Pluto has another symbolPluto in which the human Mind/Soul(circle) is transcending matter(the cross )to reach for Divine Spirit. Indeed the dark and difficult influences associated with Pluto bring crisis in the life of people which can lead them to a total transformation from the pain and chaos of the lower mind(cross) to the higher consciousness of divine bliss and wisdom(circle). Only some tragic or very deep suffering can bring a sudden and total awakening of the human mind(crescent) into an exalted state of super consciouness(the circle). If you read accounts of spiritual awakening you will notice the same pattern in most: a very dark and hopeless period or situation in life, triggers enlightenment and divine awareness. Pluto shows this possibility of transcendence and transformation through crisis.

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