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12 Faces of the Zodiac Signs

12 Faces of the Zodiac Signs

You surely know your sun sign, but do you know what makes each sign the way it is and gives it its qualities? Each zodiac sign contains the other 11 signs within it, affecting different areas of life. Those 11 signs give it the specific nature:

For example why is Aries so tough when it comes to crisis situations and can deal so well with such? Because Scorpio-the most bad ass sign, falls in Aries' 8th house which shows how one deals with traumas, crisis and big reversals! Or why do Aries typically attract partners that follow them, make way more compromises and are way more suave? Because Libra-the most cooperative and agreeable sign, falls in Aries' 7th house of Relationships!

Or why Taurus is known to have very intense, turbulent and sexual relationships with much possessiveness and jealousy there? Because Scorpio activates the 7th house of Relationships for Taurus. Taurus also are known to be all about material comforts and money, and this is so because Gemini, the sign of thinking and flexibility, activates their second house of money and tangible values-so they often think, talk and read about such things(what you think about, you become) and are very adaptable (Gemini) to the changing economic conditions, plus make clever and skillful (Gemini) financial transactions(2nd house).

Or why is Virgo known to filter their romantic feelings through practical considerations and take longer to open up in love? Because Capricorn rules their 5th house of romance and love, and Capricorn is a slow sign, which deliberates long, has fears, is skeptical, and needs proof and tangible, material things. Let's look at another example: Sagittarius are known to love sport and self express through sports! Because Aries the most sporty and physical sign rules their house of hobbies and fun activities!

Or why scorpios are so suspicious in their thinking and communications with others? Because cautious and skeptical Capricorn falls in their 3rd house of the mind! Scorpio is also known as the sign of other people's money and they have an uncanny ability to benefit from and run other's resources, talents or finances. This is due to the fact that the 2nd house of Scorpio (Money) is rules by the same planet as their 7th house(partnerships), so the meanings of these 2 houses are combined through their rulership!

In this way you can derive the essential qualities of each sign as triggered by the remaining 11 contained in it! You can see how each sign is most likely to react in 12 different areas of life-starting new things, money and assets, communications and thinking, family and home, love and fun, work and health, relationships, crisis, goals, career, friendships and finally rest.

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