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Taurus tends to attract more secretive, intense and obsessive relationships, let us explore this. 

Taurus Relationship Choices and Problems

Taurus Relationship Choices and Problems

If you have Taurus Ascendant, to a lesser degree Sun or Moon, then the house of partnerships and marriage becomes the opposite sign- Scorpio for you.

This does not mean you should marry a Scorpio person, but you will surely keep attracting relationships that have Scorpio qualities.

The partner or marriage is usually sexual, competitive with powerful fleshly sensuality.

Conflict often emerges in the marriage because Mars- the god of War rules their relationships. In extreme cases the relationship can be abusive (Scorpio) or dangerous in some way, but this is only if Mars is in a really poor shape in the horoscope. Usually it is more of a psychological power struggle for domination or some kind of obsessive desire to change or control the other.

Taurus (Asc/Su/Mo) tends to marry the competitor, a professional equal, rather than seek traditional compatibility and wants mystery, control, and exploration in the marital scene. They prefer more mysterious and intense partners.

The common reason for divorce is due to anger, but the partners may remain sexually involved even after divorce.

The spouse is a healer, manipulative, secretive, ambitious, vigorous, insightful, and likes to win. Sexual and psychological intimacy is deep and easy to achieve, but the struggle for control between the two partners may be monumental, because Scorpio is the sign of power struggles and subtle manipulation.

Marriage/ long term relationships of Taurus tend to be very psychologically intense, fraught with upheavals and crises, but this is needed because relationships are the most powerful tool for personal transformation (Scorpio) for Tauruses. If the relationship was too smooth or even, Taurus could not bond on such a deep level, not grow psychologically.

Mars- the planets which rules their relationships, also rules the 12th house, of secrets and mystery, so it is not unusual for the Taurus to prefer to keep their relationships more private or in extreme cases (if Mars is badly placed in the horoscope) to have extramarital/ hidden relationships. It is either them or the partner who can do this, due to projected energy.

After divorce/ separation, recovery comes faster through counselling, psychology or some kind of energy healing or inner work.


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