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This week we are revealing the secrets of the color Yellow and its association with Leo. How can you use yellow to influence your life, change your character and even heal your self? Here are some practical but magical tips which explain the power and effect of yellow/gold and its astrological meaning.

Leo Color. Yellow Color Therapy

Leo Color. Yellow Color Therapy
Yellow/Gold is the color of Leo. How appropriate! Wearing yellow will increase the Sun qualities in a person. The Sun is our vitality and immune system, so if you find your self anemic, easily tired, catching many colds or lacking sparkle and joy in life, then integrate gold or yellow in your life. You can do this by wearing such accessories, painting a wall in your living room in yellow hues, or having your screen saver in gold.


The sun also rules one's self esteem and confidence. If you are feeling dejected about your abilities to make it or pursue your goals in life, if you think everyone else is better than you and fear that you will amount to nothing, if you cannot seem to find strength to follow your dreams and vocation or if you feel you have no inspiration for become more, then you need the power of Gold to strengthen your inner solar Hero! Especially helpful for career success and achievements can be wearing a gold object, like a watch, ring or pendant next to your skin. Incorporating yellow precious or semi-precious stones will benefit you even more: citrin, Sun stone, Amber, Yellow Sapphire and Adventurine, etc. or boosting yourself with morning solar baths for a few weeks. After this you will start seeing how your walls of fear and helplessness are crumbling and you become empowered.


Bringing Leo vibration in your life will also connect you to your inner child, inspiring more fun, joy and wonder with life. It is especially helpful for depression prone people, or those who feel life has become drudgery and a bore!So bring the sparkle and happiness back in your life with the power of yellow watching. These negative manifestations of self-defeatism, lack of confidence, dullness, sadness, apathy and physical weakness are usually prevalent when one is going through a major Saturn transit to their Sun, Moon or Ascendant. So if your child or loved one in one such lengthy period, then you can help them by feeding them more yellow natural foods: lemons, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples, yellow peppers and HONEY, whole grain wheat.


A very powerful Sun strengthening herb which counteracts the negative influence of Saturn transit and which uplifts self confidence and positive outlook, is St John's Wort. It is sold as tea and it helps through months of low vitality, addiction recovery and all sorts of blues. Having a weak Sun in the horoscope (Say Sun in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius, or Sun with a hard Saturn aspect) or having difficult planets in Leo (like Rahu or Saturn) or having a heavy Saturn transit, means that the positive and active Leo/Sun energy in your horoscope is weak, so you can strengthen it the most by going for the real McCoy of gold and yellow color--the Sun. The most powerful energizer of the solar qualities in a person is the Sun itself. Hundreds of thousands of people are finding out the benefits of watching the sun(best during sunrise and to a lesser degree during sun set)-the Sun's rays are most healing(from Cancer, immune system problems, through weight issues to depressions) from sunrise till 11 am due to their slant. I can personally guarantee the amazing healing results for the whole body and spirit of morning Sun staring-which helped me with overcoming addictions and healed members of my family from psychotic tendencies.


Leo is the most noble, loving and generous sign, so if you are feeling more closed off emotionally, judgmental or petty minded, then introduce yellow! Or maybe your partner is stingy, then introduce in the living room and little by little you will see him becoming more generous towards. Or you can have one of those children who hate sharing toys or helping other children, then die one wall in the kids room in yellow and see how it will ennoble your little one

Yellow Room

The Sun is considered the seat of creative intelligence in astrology, and in some school experiments have been made by painting walls in yellow, which turned out to stimulate the ability of children to be more creative and learn faster in new inventive ways. Yellow/gold will help bring out your creative, playful and spontaneous side and help experience life more joyfully. Enjoy and use wisely! If you would like to learn in-depth astrology secrets and the ancient art of star reading, you can study astrology online with my teacher Ernst Wilhelm at

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