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Black color and any type of repeating patterns are associated visually with Capricorn.  Actually many people feel natural drawn to black or repeating pattern clothes, because Capricorn energy makes one very adapted to the matarial life on earth. It helps you bear through difficulties with more stoic and uncringing attitude, also helps you accept the hard side with more detachment. It brings structure, seriousness and patience in life.

Capricorn Color. Black Color Therapy

Capricorn Color. Black Color Therapy
When you want to increase Capricorn energy in your life, you can introduce some dark colors or patterns in your immediate environment. The most beneficial way to do this is through wearing natural black stones like Onyx and Obsidian or having clothes with repeating patterns and darker hues. This will increase your sense of responsibility, ability to persevere and carry on despite all difficulties. If you or loved one are too capricious, lazy, not very dutiful and prefer to take the easy way out, then you need Capricorn energy to encourage some backbone, work ethics and toughness in you.

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Capricorn is the sign of work and responsibilities(not the most fun things, but some of the most important ones to succeed) so if you have a weak Saturn (the planet of Capricorn) in your horoscope, you will be someone who loudly dislikes and fears the hardships in life and cannot commit to putting the effort for many years in order to get ahead. You will be often impatient and resentful of having to do lowly jobs or the hard work needed to get to the top. This is probably the most pernicious attitude to have because then you achieve little and resentment settles in! You need to straighten this attitude and way of being with application of your willpower and strengthening your Saturnian qualities through the energy of Capricorn. The colors, stones and foods of Capricorn will help you. I will do a special article on the foods, but just to mention them quickly: Saturn strengthening foods are all beans, dark berries and astringent tasting foods.

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Capricorn rules nations are usually very tough and persevering in the face of poverty, disasters and difficulties(Indians, Mexicans, Ethiopians,Bulgarians). Nothing scares them! The Scottish people are Capricorn ruled and you all know of their toughness! The Scottish tartan is a very Capricornian material with its patters, so having such in your wardrobe or a nice blanket on your sofa, will help you get some of the Capricorn ability to accept difficulties as part of life and carry on without complaining!

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Often during Saturn transits when the energy of Capricorn is increased in the person's life, he/she are often drawn to dark or patterned clothes and accessories, because at that period one wants to be taken seriously and professionally. It is by no chance that the normal wear in the business world is in the colors and repeating patterns of Capricorn!

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Capricorn is the sign of elders and other authority figures, so if you have problem respecting and accepting these or if you often have difficulties with such then you need to strengthen your Capricorn/Saturn energy too! Business wear is very much geared to generate an aura of respect for higher standing people and hierarchies with all the dark colors! Black is a difficult color and one has to be careful how they use it because too much of it, can bring sadness, stagnation or even fear. Too much black can also increase complexes and negative self image, so go easy on it, but if you are overly frivolous, irresponsible and reckless, then you need the Capricorn energy in your life in order to learn duty, structure, respect for elders and sobriety.

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