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NEW 2024 Video Horoscopes

by AstroLada

It is always such a great honour when you choose me to lead you through celestial energises every year.
I am opening the PRE-ORDER for my 2024 HOROSCOPES , It is My BIGGEST work every single Year, I gave it a lot of time not just in recording & editing but also in research, cleanse, praying and reflecting on how to make it more useful and better every Year.

So For those who are ordering them every year, they know and they can tell, it is the closest you can get to a personal reading with me!

This year the horoscopes are the LONGEST! In the introduction I explain how to use this video as a tool, also some moral guidance. I will give you in detail interpretations on every major transit with specific degrees for each sign, that includes eclipses, retrogrades, and much more.

This year, I will attach a SPECIAL PDF file to be your side note to get back to as I will list all important degrees for every sign with every major transit.


Now You can PRE-ORDER 1 sign or the Package of 3 (Ascendant, sun & Moon) or the Package of all 12 Signs. 

This year the Pre-Order Prices are:
- Single Horoscope: $24.5 or discounted with 30% OFF from $35
- Package of 3 (Asc, Sun and Moon): $68.25 or discounted with 35% OFF from $105
- Package of 12 Signs : $210 or discounted with 50% OFF from $420

After 17th November 2023 the Prices will be without the discounts!!!


What the 2024 horoscopes contain

If you have never watched my yearly horoscopes before you probably wonder what information is contained in the 3 hour videos for each sign.

I have to warn you that you will not have a month by month break down of the year ahead. My approach to the year is different.

I give priority to the most important influences of the year, always starting with Saturn, Jupiter, the Nodes positions and eclipses and their interplay: how they all fit together and in what direction they inspire or compel you.

They show the big themes of the year, they give you a higher perspective on the most prominent lessons, tasks and opportunities which your soul wants to experience. There is no point in breaking every month in small mundane predictions which will just distract you from the main goals and evolutionary goals of the year.

The focus is on the BIG picture and the main direction which will affirm your faith and confidence in the process. It will smooth your soul and give you peace of mind that everything is according to plan- the good, the hard….they serve as a guiding light, explanation of the meaning and confirmation of the internal and external experiences.


Also any big celestial events like changes of signs/houses of the outer planets(Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are mentioned here and how they affect the native for the years ahead in that house. Any important and epochal aspects between outer planets are also covered and explained how they will affect you.

Then I carry on with the 3-4 Mercury retrograde periods which every year fall in the same pair of elements, this shows us the more mundane events which will capture our attention and mind. They also give an underlining theme, that a certain area of life will be on focus: either material, emotional, social or creative.

Then we explore if Venus or Mars will become retrograde in the year, as these always show a separate new theme that lasts for months.

At the end I cover the transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto but just a small potion of people would feel these- only the ones who’s exact degree of Sun or Moon or Ascendant is affected by them. I give detailed instructions and suggestions for these degrees.

Throughout the whole video I always mention specific degrees of the sun moon or rising which will be affected most strongly by the transits.

Usually at the end I make a summary of the main topics again as to simplify and extract the core purpose and focus of the year ahead.

Some transits that other astrologers consider important, I might not ever mention, if I don’t think they will carry major significance or contribute to the main themes, so as not to distract and overpower people with information.

If you like such kind of an approach to astrology, which focuses on the major and most relevant information, which tries to present the Bigger picture and higher purpose of the possible developments, to make a sense of all the different and contradictory influences and to integrate them, I am your astrologer…

With gratitude




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