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2023 Video Horoscopes 2.5 hours for every sign!

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Grab your Rising, Sun and Moon signs for the price of 2! Or ALL 12 signs for LESS the 50% of the WHOLE VALUE !

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2023 will be an incredibly interesting year, when many old situations and challenges will clear off while new chapters and experiences will open up in from of us! So many major planets are changing signs, this is an indication of a big shift in priorities and interests, in challenges and opportunities.

Each sign covers:   

 ⁃    introduction explaining how to use the information, how to find the sign & degree of your Sun, Moon and Ascendant   

 ⁃    Saturn in Aquarius & Pisces. The lessons from the last 3 years and the new lessons ahead     

 ⁃    Pluto in Aquarius! How this will affect you till 2044     

 ⁃    Jupiter in Aries and Taurus and the opportunities which are coming.   

 ⁃    North Node moving in Aries, South Node in Libra, how the new sets of eclipses will affect you! Areas of growth and loss.   

 ⁃    Venus retrograde in Leo, how to embrace its gifts!     

 ⁃    4 Mercury retrograde periods all in Earth signs and what area of your life will be organized better     

 ⁃    Uranus transits     

 ⁃    Neptune transits     

 ⁃    Pluto transits     

 ⁃    Specific degrees for every sign that will be affected the most and see the most important events 

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