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Welcome to Cailin's 2022 Yearly Horoscopes! 


Each horoscope includes an overview for your sign and an extensive analysis of the major astrological events of 2022, with details of how these events will impact your sign directly. 


SALE PRICE until 15th December 

$12.95 - individual horoscope 

$49.91 - all 12 horoscopes


FULL PRICE from 16th December onwards 

$16.99 - individual horoscope  

$69.99 - all 12 horoscopes 


Average video duration: 1.5 hours long (times may vary) 


Recommended horoscope to watch: Ascendant, Sun & Moon sign. If you are only purchasing one, I recommend you purchase your Ascendant sign horoscope 


Type of Astrology and system used: Western Astrology and Whole Sign system


Structure: month by month analysis in chronological order 


Transits covered in each horoscope: 


1. The Nodes changing signs into Taurus & Scorpio 

2. The North Node, Uranus & Mars conjunction in Taurus 

3. The Neptune & Jupiter conjunction in Pisces 

4. Jupiter in Pisces

5. Jupiter in Aries 

6. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn 

7. Mars Retrograde in Gemini 

8. Mercury Retrograde periods: Aquarius/Capricorn, Gemini/Taurus & Libra/Virgo 

9. New Moon Eclipse in Taurus 

10. Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio  

11. New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio  

12. Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus  


For the 2022 Video Horoscopes by Cailin click HERE 

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