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2 Hour in Depth Video for each of the 12 signs by Astrolada


70 Pages of Written Forecast for each of the 12 signs by Astrologer Tzvetemira Borisova


Early Bird Discount for videos: $12.99 per Sign 

Full Price from Nov 15th: $16.99


All 12 signs, ideal for Christmas presents to friends and loved ones:

Early Bird Discount: $59

Full Price from Nov 15th: $80


2021 is going to be a new beginning of all of us collectively and personally! Everyone will have a brand new beginning in a few different areas of life, because of the GREAT conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, which indicates our social roles and positions for the next 20 years!


Make sure you check not just your Sun signs, but your Ascendant and Moon signs if you know your time of birth, to see all 3 areas in life which will massively manifested and changed over the coming year!


The yearly video Horoscopes are approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long and cover:


  1. The Saturn Jupiter Grand conjunction and the area you will be able to be most influential over the next 20 years. Specific days and degrees that will be affected most


  1.  North Node and South nodes transits and Eclipses and the fated events these bring to you! (specific birthdays and degrees that will be affected most)


North node brings something new, material growth, chaos, excitement, experimentation but also instability


The South Node brings passivity, disconnection, letting go, loss and spiritual detachment of some area of life.


  1. Mercury retrograde periods and their effects on you (! (specific dates and degrees that will be affected most)


  1. The Visible and invisible planets and how they affect you. A Planet becoming invisible ends something in your life, a planet becoming visible brings something new to your life. (! (specific dates and degrees that will be affected most)


  1. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transits  (specific dates and degrees that will be affected most)
  2. Summary of the whole year



You can also order Tzvetemira Borisova’s written 2021 horoscopes. They contain specific degrees and birthdays and give you a different, more predictive, month by month and day by day prognosis for 2021!

The style is short and clear, with no complex astrological lingo!


Price for one sign written horoscopes from Tzvetemira Borisova: $9.99















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