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After Lada’s 2019 video horoscopes, which had more than 10 000 downloads, and NOT a SINGLE REFUND, here are the even more in depth and Improved 2020 videos!


Video Horoscopes for each of the 12 signs (90-120 mins each)






Astrolada has recorded for each sign 90 to 120 minute in depth video, using TROPICAL ZODIAC.

Her passionate and vivid presentation style is exciting, uplifting contagious yet based on serious astrological research and experience!


The year will not be easy, but very dynamic!


Each sign contains:


-The Major themes of Saturn and Jupiter with specific days and degrees of influence. Jupiter and Saturn usually cause the major lessons of the year!

In 2020 both will be in Capricorn! A POWERFUL MANIFESTING energy will come for us all from that area of our Horoscope. New Inspirations which we crystalize into tangible Form!


-The Fated events indicated by the change of signs of the Karmic nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini, the eclipses which they will cause and this will affect you.


Ketu indicates where we become spiritual and introverted and can need to sacrifice something, Rahu indicates where we become more ambitious, desirous and material successful, gain something.


-The Epic 7 month stay of Mars in Aries, going retrograde there and what battles you will have to tackle and WIN the second part of the year


-Venus Retrograde In the first part of the year and its effect on you.


-The 3 Mercury retrograde periods: where you will be busiest and what to expect


-The influence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and who will feel it by days and degrees



The 2020 Written Horoscope for Sun and Rising signs by Mrs Borisova (Lada’s teacher)


Perfect for a present!


$6.99 down from $9.99



Mrs Borisova’s style is very concise, professional, simple to understand and focuses on PRACTICAL PREDICTIONS. She is the QUEEN of Tangible, precise forecast without using complex astrology terms!


The 2020 energies will be more challenging than normal, but here you will find the raw truth of when, what and how. Mrs Borisova does not spare the hard details but prepares you to handle everything with



50 pages of written Forecast for each sign


3 pages of overall summary  for 2020 for each sign


Month of by month break down of the energies, with no astrological lingo


Specific birthdays and Ascendant degrees that will be affected.


Tables with the critical and good days each month


8 to 10 pages of summary for specific life areas:


LET'S GO! For the 2020 Video $ Written Horoscopes

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